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The Palace Under the Sea

No description

Genesis Fletes

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of The Palace Under the Sea

The Story
The story of Hoderi and Hoori is the first story to mention the palace under the sea. From this story comes another famous story "Urashima Taro."
Are there any other versions?
Urashima Taro is based of the first story with Hoori and Hoderi. It's different but has similarities in the setting and characters.
Cultural Background
There is a shrine in the northern Kyoto Prefecture named Urashima Jinja that contains an old document describing a man, Urashimako, who left his land in 478 A.D. and visited a land where people never die.
Our Moral of the Story
Western Similarities?
The Little Mermaid and the lost city of Atlantis for the setting.

Mythology of gods of the sea.
During those three years that Hoori was in the palace, he had a son with Otohime. That son then goes and has a son of it's own who is Emperor Jimmu, the First Emperor of Japan.
The Palace Under the Sea
Once you start something, finish it quickly. Don't stop for breaks, rests, etc. Commit to what you are doing till the end and everything should go okay.
Hoderi got very angry at his brother for losing his hook and would not forgive him. To please Hoderi, Hoori goes to the palace under the sea to look for his hook.
At the palace, Hoori meets the beautiful daughter of the sea god, Otohime and completely forgets about the hook and his brother. Hoori marries Otohime and stays in the palace for three years.
After the three years, Hoori remembers what the whole reason he came to the palace in the first place and goes to look for the hook with the help of the sea god. The sea god commands all the fish in the sea to look for the hook and they find it.
The sea god gives the hook to Hoori and then told him how to put a spell on the hook to curse his brother Hoderi. When Hoori returns to Hoderi, he gives Hoderi the hook and he becomes cursed by becoming poor and unlucky. The curse was a success and Hoori gained all the power and took over.
Hoderi is the god of fishing in the sea and Hoori is the god of hunting in the mountains. One day they exchange their tools. Hoori goes to fish and Hoderi goes to hunt. Hoori was not so lucky and didn't catch anything, plus he lost his brother's hook.
I've been found
Hoori wins
Hoderi suckss
The name of the sea god is Ryūjin and the palace is also referred to as Ryūgū-jō (the Dragon Palace Castle). Depending on the version of the legend, it is built from red and white coral, or from solid crystal.
When Otohime gave birth to her son, she told Hoori to stay away, but Hoori peeked and saw Otohime's true form which is of a
or dragon/crocodile. Otohime then flew away.
The next day Urashima Taro went to the shore again and saw a giant turtle coming out from the waves to meet him. "That small turtle you saved is the daughter of the Emperor of the Sea. The Emperor would like to have you come to the Dragon Palace so he can thank you" said the turtle.
Gliding along they neared the palace and there Urashima Taro met the Emperor of the sea and the small turtle who is now the beautiful princess Otohime. Taro stays at the palace for three days, but soon wants to go back home to his aging mother.
Taro grabs the box, jumps on the back of the same turtle that had brought him there, and soon is at the seashore. When he goes home, everything has changed. The rivers and mountains had changed their shapes beyond recognition and many trees had withered. His home is gone, his mother has vanished, and the people he knew are nowhere to be seen. He asked a farmer if he knew a man called Urashima Taro, a fisherman who used to live there. He answers that he had heard someone of that name had vanished at sea long ago.
In other versions of "Urashima Taro," Taro gets a three-tied tamatebako instead of just one tier. After he turned into an old man he found a mirror. Then he transformed into a crane when touched by a crane feather from the last box.
Long, long ago in a faraway village by the sea, a young fisherman named Urashima Taro lived a modest life with his old mother. One fall, the sea was rough day after day and Urashima Taro was unable to fish.
Early one morning he went down to the shore and watched the choppy sea. He suddenly noticed three boys close to him, teasing and hitting a turtle with heavy sticks. "How dare you hurt a creature like that?" shouted Urashima Taro, chasing the boys away.
Urashima Taro thought this was a splendid idea, but felt that he could not leave his old mother alone at home. "We won't be long," assured the turtle, so Urashima Taro accepted the invitation and climbed onto the turtle's back. The turtle magically gave Urashima Taro gills and they dived deep into the sea.
He requests Otohime's permission to leave. The princess says she is sorry to see him go, but wishes him well and gives him a mysterious box called
which will protect him from harm but which she tells him never to open.
He discovers that 300 years have passed since the day he left for the bottom of the sea. Struck by grief, he absent-mindedly opens the box the princess had given him, from which bursts forth a cloud of white smoke. He is suddenly aged, his beard long and white, and his back bent. From the sea comes the sad, sweet voice of the princess: "I told you not to open that box. In it was your old age ..."
Don't disobey those who are older or wiser than you because they probably know better.
In another he ate a magic pill that gave him the ability to breathe underwater.
In another version, he is swept away by a storm before he can rescue the turtle.
There is a version where Urashima Taro dies in the process of aging because no one can live up to 300 years, so he turns into dust.
Emperor Junna ordered Ono no Takamura to build a shrine to commemorate Urashimako's strange voyage, and to house the Tamatebako and the spirit of Urashimako.
In the Mitoyo, Kagawa there is a statue of Urashima Taro.
Pop Culture
In the game PlayStation 2 game Okami, Urashima is a character and holds a major sub-plot in the game that is very similar to actual tale.
The Dragon Palace is also a playable area in the game. It contains Queen Otohime's room.
Instead of three days in the palace, Taro stays for three years.
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