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No description

Rania Khaled

on 29 December 2014

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Transcript of corona

About the company

Corona chocolate

Our product type is "Milk Chocolate Bar" with different flavors; classic, mint, nuts and crispy, in different sizes.

In 1919 Corona was established by Tomy Khresto, to become the first Confectionery & Chocolate Company in the Egyptian market.

The company was nationalized in 1963 & become the icon of the public sector in sweet snacks.

Corona has enjoyed excellent reputation and a favorable place in the heart and mind of all Egyptians in 1994


Brand History and Heritage
Brand Equity
The company, after its privation, has become under the umbrella of a huge company, which emphasizes a great financial budgets as well as a past experience that may leads to more efficient management.
Company owns 7 main factories and also owns a cocoa bean processing facility.


Limited production lines and the official that has been managing the company for years and leaded to its recession many times.

Being far from the market for many long years has transmitted a wrong image of the company and getting back to the market won't happen easily.

poor brand image due to little/no advertising, and deteriorating taste quality.

Strengths and weakness

Opportunities &Threats:


The company still has a great opportunity conquer the chocolates market due the historical background of the company as well as the large segment that the company is targeting

With a population of 90 million and a target of more than 40 million people, the company would have a great potential to compete locally and regionally.

Huge competitors that corona must deal with and the enormous variety of prices that the competitors offer.

The extensive existence of imported chocolate products is also a huge threat-as corona needs to compete with local (EX:Cadbury,Galaxy) and international (Ex:lindt)brands


Mission & Vision

Invest in research & development to always deliver our brands with their Nostalgic identity mixed with a Modern Twist
To make
become a future Umbrella Mega Brand in Egypt &beyond

Targeting strategy:


Age Band:7+
Social class:A,B,C

Corona has different products for different classes, for the A, class (higher and middle income levels), it has Blended Cocoa Raspberry and Coconut Truffles. For the C class ( lower income level )it has the plain chocolate bar, honey chocolate bar, cinnamon chocolate bar and the hot chocolate as they are at a reasonable prices.

Gender: Male& Female.
Geographic Areas Cairo and other governments


Corona will use multiple psycho graphic segmentation; specifically lifestyle.

As a result of segmentation strategy, Corona divides the market using not only one market segmentation ,but using them simultaneously in order to divide the market into more diverse and distinct groups with clear definitions of their needs, wants and demands from this brand

All the products are made of 100% chocolate as corona already owns a cocoa bean processing facility.

Corona does not use any artificial flavors, therefore, the chocolate has a shorter shelf life as compared to other chocolate brands.

Uses top quality ingredients to ensure that customers receive the best chocolate possible.

-Higher raw material quality
-New flavors
Cocoa Raspberry and Coconut Truffles
Honey chocolate bar, cinnamon chocolate



-Make products available in almost all groceries supermarkets and kiosks.
-Construct a strong supply chain to include many wholesalers and retailers.
-Build trustful relationships with them.
-Improve the relationship with intermediaries.


-Free sampling in hypermarkets and universities
-special prices when purchasing bulks
-Banners in restaurants to cocoa powder
-Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Place & Promotion

Name: ISO 9001 : 2000

Issued by: SGS

Valid until: 1/20/2010

Scope: Manufacturing of Chocolate , Biscuits and Cocoa Powder

To let Corona be popular as before

New slogan that associates itself with a certain lifestyle

Let people remember it by re branding the logo and start with a new advertising ads and different flavors by that people will attract to this products because it remind them with their childhood.

The Logo will be a renewal of the previous one ,preserving its main identity.

In my opinion speed of the gazelle gives the feel of energy and strength and that belongs to chocolate .
I will use all the colors that attract people to eat like red and orange etc..

I will improve and update all the packaging.


Junior project I

Presented to:


DR:Tamer Assem
Dr: Dina Abboud

Presented by :
Rania khaled
i knew from this course to study the whole company i will work on and see different ideas and then start my work on creating new & unique designs . learned how to make corporate identity& information signs , Also learned how to relate the whole design with the logo through the colors and the moods. Moreover i learned the grid . And Finally i used to print out my works and that is a new experience to not only see the work on the screen but also in the real life
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