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Business Plan

No description

Sina Br

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Business Plan

Thank you for your attention!
Constance Chorlay, 24, founder & manager

Sina Brauch, 24 , founder & manager
1. The founders of the company
- Several type of companies work in this market: catering, fast food etc.

- 2 types of offer: only one kind of products/food tray for business.

3. The market
- 2 times: devices to be rent & the food
- According to the number of people
4. The offer
Marketing mix
5. Marketing
3.2 Target group
3.3 Competition
Students and young employees from about 18-32

male and female

convivial and out-going

cooking addicts and convivial food lovers

living in Lille and its surroundings

having no or only a small income



No direct competitor
9. Conclusion
1. founders

2. Presentation

3. Market

4. offer

5. Marketing

6. Sales

7. Communication

8. Finances

9. Conclusion
“We offer to Lille’s students, to rent both kitchen devices and to buy associated food and to bring them at their place. It is a home delivery service.”

Date of creation: beginning of November

2. Presentation of the company
2.1 Structure of the company
2.2 Distribution of the Compay Share
Maria Katson, 26, Founder

Justine Sanson, 23, founder
Why do we want to set-up the company with raclette device?

- it represent a dish really liked by students

- it is the first idea that came to our mind when we spoke about sharing a nice meal together

- the raclette season corresponds to the end of our study
- Individual assets are protected by the company’s structure

- It fits to several situations

- The amount of capital is determined by the partners. It depends on the size and the capital needs of the company. More contributions in species can be given over 5 years with a 20% payment of the amount at the beginning.

Total of 20 000€ from the founders of the company
JAM: home delivery of food market
"Il s'agit d'un marché en forte croissance le midi semaine dans un cadre actif et en croissance plus modérée le soir dans un cadre privé. Dans tous les cas, la livraison prend petit à petit des parts de marché à la restauration avec VAC (Vente au Comptoir) ou avec SAT (Service a table)" (Bernard Boutboul, Directeur Geénéeral de Gira Conseil)
- 2 customer criteria: quality food & respect of delivery time

3.1 Pestel
1) The value added of the company
2) Office hour and delivery (hours & sector)
- Long opening hour: 7:30 AM to 8 PM , Mo-Su
- delivery service only for dinner: 4PM to 8PM, Mo-Su
- city center of Lille & its surroundings

3) Devices which are proposed to be rent
- occasional- convivial kitchen devices
- Products of JAM : seasonal / all-year products

4) Particulary of The delivery system
- no single-use products
guarantee for devices to make our clients keep it safe

Take back the kitchen devices
Sales strategy & Forecast
6. Sales
company logo, facebook page and website.

print 250 flyers

Real launch of company with the raclette for 8 persons.

promotion of crèepe device/launch on February
Creation of offers for clients for raclette device

two more kitchen devices: plancha

electric barbeque

7. Communication
8. Finances
5.1 SWOT
1) How many people are likely to use JAM?
1) How many people are interested in Jam?
3) Additional product and offer
- Providing food beside the renting
- Providing "Halal" offer
- Supplier: Metro

September -November 2015

October 2015
November 2015
2nd year
April 2016
1) Cost to lauch the company
2) Overview about the 3 years

3) Day JAM is profitable
Sales Forecast
- Lille is the perfect place for JAM

- Marketing will play an important role

- Profitability will be achieved within the first 3 years

- It will finally be easy to be convivial

• digital promotion

• facebook page

• our website

• the network of ESN

• printed flyers
1 international website offering several devices
3 national websites offering several devices
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