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GTI Programs at NC State University

Presentation to SCGS by Michael Bustle, 25 Feb 2012

Michael Bustle

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of GTI Programs at NC State University

One Semester Certificate Programs
and a 3 Credit Orientation Course
International Student Internships
Visiting Research Students
Professional Training Programs
3+X Accelerated Masters
Higher Education Administration
Food and Drug Safety - Pharma
Banking & Economic Development
Public Administration
Other topics
Moodle Learning Management Systems
MediaSite Presentations (YouTube, Camtasia)
How-to Training (e.g., OPT)
Video Skits - Fun, Quick, and Controlled Content
Customized OnLine Application Systems
Online Application System
Ability to upload supporting documents
Online scheduling and customized reporting
GTI 401: Colloquium on US Culture and Education
Grant -Funded Student Programs
The GTI develops and delivers short academic programs sponsored by government and international sponsors (e.g., US Dept. of State, AmidEAST, IIE)
Special Programs and Projects
Facilitate Study Abroad Program/Campus for Overseas Partners (
SKEMA Business School
- 450 students/yr)
Foundation Year Bridge Program for Saudi Students
International Cultural Leadership Project for US/International Students
High Impact Experiences for Domestic Students
Overseas Research and Internship Opportunities for NC State students
Academic/Research Camps
Colloquium on US Culture and Education Topics:

- an overview of US Culture and History
- essentials for success in Higher Education in America
- academic ethics at a western university
- enhancing cross-cultural communication and English language ability
- improving interactions with professors, business people, and roommates
- teaching by a variety of guest faculty lectures
- media presentations which enhance learning
- field trips to cultural and historic sites
- discussion groups with American student and staff leaders
- working effectively in small groups
- assignments and readings which enhance cross-cultural effectiveness
- writing an integrative capstone paper
- how to write a research paper
- test taking skills
Undergraduate students from selected partner schools overseas complete 3 years at home then enroll in the one semester GTI Certificate program. The courses taken here complete their UG degree back home and can be transferred into the Masters program here. Students can get a non-thesis masters in 2 or 3 semesters... or graduate departments can choose to not accept them...or the students can apply to other programs/schools.
Students improve their English, learn about US graduate education, listen to lectures on select topics and sometimes engage in UG research projects ...some will apply for a graduate program here...or tell others about their positive experience at NC State. Two to Five weeks.
How can the GTI help you?
Visiting Graduate or Undergraduate students for research or internships
Apply for Research and Training Grants (Logistical Support)
Workshops, Delegations, Conferences, Training Programs
Short-term international student group programs
Academic Certificate Programs (undergraduate or graduate)
Participate in GTI Training Programs - here or overseas
NDS international student programs for one or two semesters
Domestic-International student dialog and integration
Hosting opportunities (overnight stays, meals only, research)
New Industry connections with Global Emphasis
Overseas Students doing supervised research on our campus
Students at Overseas Partner Schools working in local companies
Domestic Students doing global internships with overseas partners
Use of Technology
Nathalie came to do research at NCRC for her UG thesis
and is now a pending PhD student for the Fall
Two student interns from England spending a year
with a biotech/pharma research company in RTP.
Their University will help host some of our students
for research in their local science park.
An early group of 3+X students.
Plagiarism Module
Commercial in Chinese
GTI 401 Small Group
GTI 401 Large Class
GTI facilitates logistical support for research and training programs with campus units. These are immunologists studying flu vaccine manufacturing on a US government funded training program at our Biomanufacturing Technology and Education Center (BTEC).
Study-Tour Group of Undergrads from overseas Partner University
Brazil's Scientific Mobility Program
A student mobility initiative of the Brazilian government to advance STEM learning among undergraduate students.
The GTI facilitates a Brazilian government sponsored program that sends outstanding STEM students abroad for non-degree study and internships. We have had more than twenty students in the program as of Spring 2013. BSMP students take classes and live on campus with NC State students sharing their culture and language. Several American students have signed up for Portuguese and are now planning to go to Brazil for study and internships.
Entrepreneurial Business Camp for Overseas Students.
The GTI partners with the Shelton Leadership Center, the Entrepreneurial Initiative at NC State, and other faculty to offer two week programs for undergraduate students from Honduras, Japan, Thailand, and other countries.
The GTI is committed to integrating the domestic and international student communities on campus to promote dialogue, understanding, and respect so that every NC State student can become more globally informed, skilled, and engaged.
Nagoya University Innovation Programs
Two or three groups of students from Nagoya University in Japan come to NC State each year to engage in lectures, research, interactive industry visits, and cultural programs and to learn about innovation, commercialization of new research, and US graduate programs.
Four Day Workshop on Global Food Security for Fulbright PhD students from around the US (with CALS and Global Health).
Twenty undergraduate students from Brazil on a two week culture and study program on US elections (with SPIA)
Grant Support for Faculty
GTI and CIU lead a delegation of NC industry, government, and academic leaders to Germany to learn about advanced manufacturing and industry sponsored apprenticeship/study programs.
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