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Mexico natural resources

No description

Caitlyn Busch

on 2 November 2014

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Transcript of Mexico natural resources

The 5 main crops
Wheat: 3 million tons produced
Top 5 leading Minerals
Salt, Silver, Mine copper, and Gold
Forest area
About 136.3 million acres of land in Mexico is forest and only 10% of that land is tropical forest. over 100,000 tons of resins, fibers, oils, waxes, gum, dyes, poisons, and medicines were found in the forests.

Commercial fishing
Mexico’s most common fish for commercial fishing is Red Snapper, Pike, Bass,
Shrimp, Sardines, Abalone, Spanish mackerel.
Central Plateau: Its height ranges from 4,000 feet , and it is about 8,000 feet across Its driest area is on the north side

México Natural Resources
Rice: 399,000 tons produced
Sugarcane: 46 million tons produced
Barely: 469,000 tons produced
Corn: 18.3 tons produced
The overall value of the minerals produced in 2000 was about $4.30 billion.
Commercial fishing is when you catch fish and then sell the to make profit.
Yucatan Peninsula: The Yucatan Peninsula is located in southeast Mexico and separates the Caribbean Sea from the Gulf of Mexico. The Peninsula is part of the Yucatan Platform

Fun Facts
Mexico’s official name is United Mexican States.
The area of Mexico is about 716,602 square miles.
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México Natural Resouces!
BY Caitlyn Busch
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