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World war 1

No description

Diondre Pratt

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of World war 1

World War I June 28th 1914- Francis Ferdinand assassinated at Sarajevo. July 5th 1914- kaiser williams II promised German support for Austria against Serbia July 28th 1914- Austria declared war on Serbia. August 1st 1914-Germany declared war on Russia August 3rd- germany declared war on France and invaded Belgium. Germany had to implement the Schlieffen plan. August 4th- Britian declared war on Germany August 4th- The BEF stred its retreat from Monks. germany invaded France. September 6th- Battle of the Marne started. October 18th- First battle of Ypres. October 29th- Turkey entered the war on Germany's sied. Trench warfare started to dominate the Western Front.
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