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The Great Blizzard of 1888

Geography 221 Project

Kira Espinoza-Levy

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of The Great Blizzard of 1888

Significance Weather after the blizzard change in New York
One of the most severe recorded
blizzards in the history of the
United State
Beneficiaries of the igloo effect that led to insulating qualities of a snow cave
The idea of moving telegraph, water, gas lines below ground
Creation of subways Story On March 10th the Northeast temperature around 50's
According to the New York Times "the weekend forecast called for rain"

March 11th - Artic air from Canada collided with gulf air from the south and temperatures dropped drastically

The rain turned into snow and winds were up to hurricane strength

By Midnight winds were at 85mpr in New York City

Complete white out the next morning

Drifts reached up to second story buildings Great Blizzard of 88' March 11-March 14 NewYork City New York City Reactions People tried going to work but only to find themselves blocked by snow drifts and unable to move.
30/1000 people made it to New York Exchange for work

15,000 people were stranded on elevated trains and charged $ if they wanted to be rescued

Several instances where people were collapsing in snow drifts and dying Problems Telegraphs lines, water mains, gas lines were all located above ground so people weren't able to fix them during the blizzard
6,900 telephone lines were dead
Wall street was close for 3 straight days
Only time stock exchange was ever closed down.
Railroads were shut down and people were confined to their houses for a week
Wild animals froze to death
Weeks went by before the last signs of the deepest snow drifts disappeared. " It was reported that one tremendous drift lasted until July!" Winter Storm Stories
Ex senator Roscoe Conkling, a republican party leader tried to walk through the storm until it was up to his shoulders. He died 5 weeks later from the effects of the storm on his body

Since the East river of Manhattan and Queens froze over people were inspired to travel by foot across it, which was a terrible mistake because the tides changed and broke up the ice and left people stranded on ice floes

" Wrenching stories of shivering children seeking coal and of heartless profiteers raising the price per bucket from 10cents to a dollar.

Happier souls put up amusing signs in the city locations that were buried in snow. A favorite from New York: "Do Your Get My Drift?""

"One man suffered a gash on his forehead when he fell into a snow drift. The drift was soft and deep, but his head struck the leg of a dead horse buried there. For some time afterward, the man showed his friends the wound and boasted that he was the first person ever kicked by a a dead horse." Miracle Max snow fall: 58inches
lowest pressure: 982hpa
Damages: 25 million in (1888 dollars) around a billion dollars now
400 fatalities
200 people killed in New York alone
Keene, New Hamsphire : 36 inches of snow
New Haven, Connecticut: 45 inches of snow
Troy, New York: 55 inches of snow
All came from the mid-Atlantic coast " For complicated logical reasons nobody knew that Gurdon and Legrand Chapell of Montville, aged 9 and 4, left their family's farmhouse on Monday afternoon and tried to cross two fields and a pasture to their grandparents' house. The two got lost, took cover behind a stone wall and were covered with snow.
Before he lost consciousness, Legrand heard his brother say,"We'll never get out of here. We will die, but I can't go and leave you alone, and I can't carry you."
The Chapell boys were found 22 hrs later by searchers probing the drifts with bean poles. They were alive and live to a ripe old age" Compared to other Storms after 1947 - A great storm began at 3:20 in the morning and continued until 3 o'clock in the morning the next day. There was 25 inches of snow fall.
106,000,000 tons of snow removed
9,800 autos had to be dug out of great mounds
18,000 men were hired to rid New York of its countless drifts
Because of the lack of wind, it wasn't a Blizzard

The last storm to hit Wall street was Sandy
It stopped the stock market for two days
Still wasn't as disastrous as The Great Blizzard of 1888
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