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A10 Warthog

About the A10 Warthog, it's history, it's company, it's creators, it's huge cannon and it's armaments.

Brandon Harris

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of A10 Warthog

A10 Warthog Prehistory formally known as the Thunderbolt II or Hog. before the jet entered service or was even created... It was a time during the Vietnam War when troops on the ground were being torn up by enemy fire, with a combination of: firearms, tanks, S.A.M.s (surface to air missile(s)) and S.S.M.s (surface to surface missile(s)). The aircraft at the time was the A-1 Skyraider, an aircraft that mainly dropped bombs, but was not very effective. This aircraft was easily targeted and shot at by enemy S.A.M.s. Because of this the United States Air Force (U.S.A.F.) needed a new aircraft to take care of this mission. Development The U.S. Air Force giving many aeronautical companies a plan for a "new" type of war plane. The A10 was built and designed by the aeronautical company: Fairchild Republic, this
aircraft or jet had many features in it to destroy tanks and other heavily armored vehicles. The Fairchild Republic (formally, Fairchild Aircraft) was founded by Sherman Fairchild. He was an entrepreneur and inventor who also founded Fairchild Industries and also Fairchild Camera and Instrument. He made significant contributions to the avaiation industry and was inducted to the National Aviation Hall of Fame in 1979. More About Sherman Farichild Fairchild is also responsible for inventing the first synchronized camera shutter and flash as well as developing new technologies for aerial cameras that were later used on the Apollo Missions. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sherman_Fairchild) Courtesy of Wikipedia.org. Fairchild's aeronautical photography saw duty in the military in World War I for espionage (spying), scouting (patroling) and other types of operations. He got his first name from his mother's family name and his last name from his father's family name. Because cameras that were mean't to be monuted on planes were not very good, Fairchild invented his own. On his cameras, he had a optical prism that allowed taking screen shots at 180 degrees in the horizon (meaning that he could take 2 snapshots east and west and have a 360° turning your head around view) at 6 per second! This served a major advancement in aerial photography. Courtesy of http://corphist.computerhistory.org. Entry of the A10 Warthog Troops on the ground would call "go ugly early" to call in for an A10 strike. Followed be a combination of strafing and missiles, maybe bombs. During the war, the A10 saw the day of light, because of it's high combat survivability rating of 97.8%. The GAU-8 Avenger The GAU-8 was built and designed by company General Electric. A company that builds your appliances such as washing machines, dryer machines, microwave ovens and, etc.. Reloading a GAU-8 cannon. The gun is called a cannon instead of a machine gun due to that it fires 30mm rounds. At a rate of of 7200 rounds per minute that's literally 70 rounds per second. The rounds are fired faster than the speed of sound, so they will hit an object before you can even hear them. GAU-8 Continued... The GAU-8 is considered the most heaviest machine gun ever mounted on an aircraft. Weighting 4,029 lbs! The gun holds a total of 1,174 rounds. The rounds explode on the target instead of piercing. They can travel a mile in just 1.2 seconds! The gun actually slows down the aircraft a few miles per hour (around 10-20 mp/h). This gun can destroy a tank in just a few seconds. More GAU-8 Photos Armaments Missiles include: AIM-9 Sidewinder AGM-65 Maverick An infrared homing air to air, short range missile. An tactical air to ground missile, that is guided by the penny pod on the aircraft or by a laser by troops on the ground. Armaments (continued...) Bombs include: Mk-82 A low drag, general purpose bomb. Mk-84 A low to high drag, general purpose bomb. Used mainly on tanks and infantry on concentrations... Countermeasures Flares Flares are an immense thermal source that can confuse heat seeking missiles and weapons and other projectiles. Chaff Metal shavings that are used to confuse radar guided missiles, by making the radiation signals from the missile bounce off the chaff instead of the actual aircraft, confusing the missile. That's All Folks... Courtesy of WatchTheDaily The A10 can loiter on it's target, meaning it can stay around it's target for a prolonged period of time and very low air speeds, while staying a flight. The gun fires heavy, radioactive depleted uranium, that are heavy density penetrators, that ignite to hot temperatures above 2000 degrees centigrade.
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