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The Coffee Maker

No description

Austi Rose

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of The Coffee Maker

The Coffee Maker
When was the coffee maker invented?
The first coffee maker was invented in 1822 in France.

What need did the coffee maker address?
The coffee maker addressed the need of people needed a quicker way to brew coffee. The coffee maker also made coffee taste better.
Who invented the coffee maker?
Mr Laurens of Paris, France.
Existing patents:
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What was the first coffee maker made from?
Plastic and metals were used in the making of the first coffee maker.
How was the first coffee amker made?
The first coffee maker consisted of a metal pot with a chamber at the bottom which was placed on heat. A vertical pipe extended from the chamber to the percolators top.
Just below the top of this pipe is a perforated chamber.
The water when heated rose up the pipe and infused the coffee above.
What improvements have been made to the coffee maker?
Filters have become standard, making coffee taste better. Coffee makers have also become more heat resistant, causing less burns and other injuries.
Why were these improvements made?
These improvements were made because many people like to drink coffee. Coffee tasted better after filters were added, it took way less time to brew a pot of coffee with the automatic "just add water" coffee pot was made, and making coffee was safer with more heat resistant materials used in making the coffee maker.
Who uses the coffee maker?
a lot of people all over the world make coffee in coffee pots everyday. They are one of the most bought household appliances of all time.
What is the global impact on society of the invention and subsequent change?
The coffee pot has had quiet a large impact on society. Coffee pots are not only one of the most bought and produced household appliances, but they are used in almost every restaurant. The coffee maker business brings in a lot of money globally and is becoming a huge industry.

If we had the ability to change this product in any way, we would change...
We would make coffee pots have built in filters, to cut down on the need of filters, saving you money and helping to keep trash out of the environment. Coffee makers would also use less energy when brewing coffee.
Austi Rose
Tristan Lambert
Period 7
Engineering disciplines:
. Manufacturing
. Electrical
. Mechanical

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