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Jared Thompson

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Micheal Pollan's book published April 11, 2006
In the Omnivore's dilemma the author Micheal Pollan addresses four main food chains. Industrial, Industrial Organic, Local Sustainable, and Hunter Gatherer
All About the Omnivore's dilemma
The Industrial food chain is where most of our food comes from today. This chain starts in a giant field, usually in the Midwest, where one crop is grown--corn or perhaps soybeans--and ends up in a supermarket or fast-food restaurant.(Pollan 5)
Industrial Food Chain
Industrial Organic: The best food chain to feed America
Shows organic food produced
In the Industrial Organic food chain food is grown on large industrial farms, but with only natural fertilizers, and natural bug and weed control. It is sold in the same way as industrial food.(Pollan 5)
Industrial Organic Food Chain
Where does your food Actually come from??
The Local Sustainable food chain food is grown on small farms that raise lots of different kinds of crops and animals. The food from the farm doesn’t need to be processed, and it travels a short distance before it reaches your table.(Pollan 5)
Local Sustainable
Hunter Gatherer
Man hunting game with traditional Bow and Arrow
This is the oldest type of food chain there is. It's hardly a chain at all, really. It is made up of simply of you, hunting, growing, or finding your food.(Pollan 5)
This picture is comparing organic food vs. Conventional food in terms of nutrients
“Organic Industrial food chain food is grown on large industrial farms, but with only natural fertilizers, and natural bug and weed control”(Pollan 5)
Food is healthier for you!
Reason for the industrial organic being the best...

Healthier for the consumers

Better for the Environment

Can feed America's growing size
“healthier, more nutritious, no pesticides, more wholesome, sustainable, safer, purer”(2 Behind Organic-Industrial Complex)
Food is Healthier
By not having dangerous chemical fertilizers keeps the food pure and clean. These chemicals to bad to humans and can harm us in the long run. By using natural versions of these chemicals it makes it healthier than food in the industrial food chain
The industrial organic food chain's food is purer safe and healthier because less chemicals go into it that can harm us
Food is Healthier
“There’s no question! Organic food is grown and stored without the use of artificial pesticides and fertilizers. The fact that residues remain on conventional foods and are consumed by us over decades, accumulating in our fatty tissues is well documented.”( 1 Is Organic Better for you?)
Better for the Environment
“in addition to being produced without synthetic chemicals-- less processed, more local, easier on the animals.”(2 Behind Organic-Industrial Complex)
By farms being local the crops wouldn’t be transported that far which would save gas. This helps the environment because it touches on another growing problem called global warming. Burning of natural gases is causing the atmosphere to warm up which can cause huge consequences.
Better For The Environment
Unlike industrial farms and feedlots where animal manure is unusable “toxic pollution”(Pollan 49)
In industrial farms this is the conditions the cows stay in. The cows manure can't be used so the cows sit and live in their filth. Their manure can't be used as fertilizers because the cows are given antibiotics and steroids. These chemicals are dangerous and toxic to the ground and houses bacteria
Better for the environment
“Emissions from degrading manure and livestock digestive processes produce air pollutants that often affect ambient air quality in communities surrounding CAFOs.”
Can Feed the American Population
"This food is grown on large industrial farms... It is sold in the same way as industrial food".(Pollan 5)
Because the food is grown the same way it is able to produce the same amount of food with better quality and healthiness.
Can stand Up to the Population
" Michael Pollan goes shopping in a Whole Foods supermarket where he buys a variety of food clearly labeled organic".( Fresh and Local: The Omnivores Dilemma: Big Industrial Organic)
This is one reason why the local sustainable food chain is not the best for America. It can not keep up with the growing population.
Can produce enough of the growing population
"Outside the U.S, there's been substantial progress in feeding the world's ever growing population"(Food Around the world)
Thanks to the industrial food chain it is much easier to feed America but there will be no America if we keep feeding ourselves this junk. Industrial organic is the way to go its healthy and it produces enough food to feed the growing population of thriving America.

Counter- Claim
People critical of the Industrial Organic food chain say one problem is that it costs to much.
Others can say that the Industrial Organic Food chain in some terms are not really organic.
“This increase in expandable cost of Organic food has had effects of global consumption of food”(Critical Role of global food consumption)
“they grow so fast that their legs can’t hold them up”(Pollan 128).
Counter to Counter Claim
These are so good arguments but none of them over way the benefits of the Industrial Organic food chain. This food chain is better for America and healthy for them also. Because this food chain is industrial its created on a large enough scale for nationwide production. “healthier, more nutritious, no pesticides, more wholesome, sustainable, safer, purer”(2 Behind Organic-Industrial Complex) The food is healthier, more nutritious, safer and purer… Compared to the industrial food chain these are huge benefits.The industrial organic food chain gives everybody the opportunity to get healthy food on a large platform where you can get it at anytime.
Organic Food Chain is the best way to feed America
Eat organic save yourself, save the world!!!
This proves that multiple sources say that Organic food is healthier for you. Its lack of harmful pesticides and fertilizers makes it better for you… these chemicals do damage over time.
These cows toxic manure doesn't only pollute the ground it pollutes the air. In the Industrial Organic food chain this doesn't happen. Our cows manure is clean and pure so it can be used as natural fertilizer.
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