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No description

Nur Izleen

on 11 December 2017

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Transcript of INTRODUCTION

Ar Rahnu
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Budget Plan
• To provide a fair financial assistance for our customers
• To continually develop and innovate Shariah-based products
• To deliver the best over-the-counter services
• To be at the heart and mind of the community
To be a global leader in providing the best
shariah-based products
Problem Statement
No transparency regarding
the ownership of subject matter
Uncertainty in the auctioning
process of pawned item
High cost of borrowing
in conventional pawning

Maqasid Al Shariah
1) Religion
Application of Shariah concepts such as Rahn, Wadiah Yad Dhamanah, Qard al-Hassan and Ujrah which are based on the Quran and Sunnah prevents the parties involved from any acts that is against the religion.
2) Life
Qard al-Hassan is an alternative to interest-based loan which prevents exploitation of customers.
Maqasid Al Shariah
3) Intellect
- Customers are able to differentiate between products and services in Ar-Rahn and conventional pawning.

4) Lineage
- Ar-Rahn promotes the protection of lineage through the transfer of moral responsibility to new generations.

5) Property
- Ar-Rahn provides a solution that prevents hoarding of property, emphasizes transparency and promotes social justice
and well-being.
Proposed Model

Pledged property as a collateral to the
completion of debt

Home financing instrument and micro-financing

Alternative to pawn broking is Ar-Rahnu
Proposed Model
Concepts involved

1) Rahin
2) Qardh Hasan
3) Wadiah Yad Dhamanah
4) (Ujrah)
Pledged Property (Gold Standard)
Proposed Model
Marketing Plan
Target Customers

Financially poor customers
Segmentation of customers

1) Geographically
2) Demographically
3) Lifestyle and behaviour

Market Objective
To inculcate Islamic principles in a Muslim’s daily life by 2050, in which we hope the majority of the population in Malaysia choose Ar-Rahn as compared with conventional pawning.
Marketing Mix
1) Price

There are three general features of the loan which are • Margin up to 70% of the Gold value
• The minimum amount is RM100
• The total aggregate for individual is RM 100,000
2) Process
- Hassle free and over-the-counter process
3) Product
- To provide Islamic pawn broking products or Ar-Rahn
4) Place
- Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Bangsar,
Shah Alam, Subang Jaya and Gombak
5) Promotion
- Our main promotion
method is via the Internet
Marketing Mix
Marketing Mix
7) Physical Evidence
6) People
- Total of 150 employees.
Finance department,
Sales and marketing department
Human resource department

Positioning the product
Hassle Free
Over-the-counter service
Transparency in dealing with our services
Proposed model
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