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Persia strengths and weaknesses

No description

Julie Mitchell

on 5 March 2017

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Transcript of Persia strengths and weaknesses

by Jacob Mitchell
Persia was known for its cavalry and war elephants. Also Persia had relatively well trained men. But, Persia also had bad armor and inadequate weapons.
Persia strengths and weaknesses
Athens had a strong navy. Also, the citizens were educated in the arts, science, and technology. But, during this time period, they had a weak army and disease was breaking out.
Athens strengths and weaknesses
Sparta was known for its fitness, fighting skills, and military tactics. Sparta didn't have very many weaknesses, but they were large. For one thing, the government thought that giving the people knowledge would lead to uprisings, so citizens did not attend school. Also, their currency was extremely heavy metal bars so no one wanted to trade with them.
Sparta strengths and weaknesses
As Persia, my battle plan to defeat Sparta is to have scouts watch for where their troops are. When we know where Sparta's troops are we make a distraction of a few dozen men in front of them. Then, we will have the rest of our troops attack from behind so that they cannot use the phalanx.
Battle Plan for Sparta
Battle Plan for Athens
To defeat Athens, we will start making smaller and more maneuverable ships just like them, then we will simply attack them head on because our army is stronger than theirs.
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