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Do Apps Help You Or Waste Your Time?

No description

Chyna Benton

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Do Apps Help You Or Waste Your Time?

Do Apps Help You Or Waste Your Time?
Apps entertain people.
Apps can entertain people when ther are times of boredom,or maybe even times of sadness or depression. People can play games such as Crossy Road, Fruit Ninja, or Minecraft.
"Things get done faster.My apps are very helpful because I can check my bank balances at any time, from anywhere. I also always have games to play to keep me busy while I wait at certain places. I also track my food with an app to help keep my weight in check. Apps are great." - anonymous.

Apps HELP you.
Apps can help you in various ways.
One Reason
You can download educational apps such as Khan Academy, Kindle, and BrainPop. Apps like these can help a student in school.
Apps can help you communicate.
Lets say you are a shy person or not even a people person. Downloading an app such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook help you communicate with friends and people all over the world. You can send pictures, tweet, and send private messages.
"Most of the apps are free, and they provide feeds from hundreds of news sources geared to your interests. You can create a magazine with that content. Many also stream social media like Facebook or Twitter along with photos, so these news magazines become one of the most enjoyable — and efficient — ways to get through a Twitter or Facebook feed. My interests immediately blossomed beyond just news, sports and weather." said by Shannon Doyle.
Another Reason
Apps can keep you updated with the news. Apps such as CBS Local, Sky Grid, or News Google Reader keep you updated with news around the world. You can even set it up where you get news updates on your phone.
Statistic #1
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