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Domo The Robot

No description

Rachel Goldheart

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Domo The Robot

Domo The Robot Advantages and disadvantages! Impact! Jobs he creates! Sensors Programs Where it is used and work
envelope! Task and Human function! He grasps objects and place them on shelves or counters. Also, he carries objects to a thing or person. He can be used at your house or even in an office area. 29 active degrees of freedom. His joints are very free, movable, and bendable. The robotic end effector is multi-functional.
He can clean and put up items and many other helpful
things. Domo learns to interact within the enviroment and to adapt to help with high tech special programs. The programs are updated once or twice a month. Domo used position estimation to track where he is and how far away something is. Also, he can use snesors in his "eyes". He has sensors on other parts of his body too. The impact could be good or bad. If Domo malfunctioned it would be bad or if the people who needed him couldn't afford him. Also, if he was misused it would not be good. Domo can help handi-capped people walk. Also, he could help people who would need help to do thier job at grocery stores or something like that. Domo the Robot! By: Rachel Boucher End Effector He can help to put things away. Also, he can help handi-capped people do house hold chores and activities. He could malfunction or people could use it if they don't need it.
The cost of making it is pricy. But, if he worked right he would be a positive impact on the world. Prediction! I think Domo will be improve with better technology to help a wider variety of people. Images provided by http://google.com/
and http://people.csail.mit.edu/edsinger/domo_images.htm
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