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HUBSTECH BPO Corp is dedicated to deliver a world-class serv

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Aaron Libao

on 8 May 2018

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Transcript of HUBSTECH BPO Corp is dedicated to deliver a world-class serv

is dedicated to deliver
world-class services
and facilities to become a
premier total solutions provider
collaborating with
its customer to exceed the need and do more

Focus & Expertise
Cost Leadership
82,000 daily foot traffic

33 Universities
in 5km radius
7 Chinese Schools
Transport Availability
Greater Accessibility in
University belt

9 major malls and parks located in
3 km radius
6 shopping Malls
within the vicinity

Talent Pool
Customer Service Champion!
Cultural incubation and language assessment driven.

Excellence in
IT Solutions
Infrastructure/Facilities management

Expertise in
multi-stream talent sourcing and recruitment
. Virtual/Online recruitment strategy and face-to-face
high intensity sourcing
in Metro Manila business districts and (GMA) Greater Manila.

Decades of experience in
Operations Management, Quality and Standards
Training and Process Management
. In-depth knowledge in
Talent Profiling
and acquisition.

Expertise in
Employee Engagement
, Retention and
Customer Relationship Management

Knowledge experts on
, Inventory and Logistics Management- A new BPO label in the Phiippines.

Knowledge Management ,
Lean Six Sigma
discipline and process orientation (DMAIC, DMADV)

Core Competencies
We enable our customers to grow their business by providing
unparalleled service solutions
flexible strategies
to inspire customers and employees to deliver a
performance through our

Value Proposition
An all-Filipino BPO company founded by real-state & construction gurus, Human Relations & Policies, Marketing, Financial and Back-Office management, Business Process Improvement champion,
Value Segmentation and Business Process
Outsourcing experts.

Partnered with Multibook (formerly TD & Company), a premier provider of SAP implementation and consulting services in Japan bringing in a new outsourcing label for ERP, SAP, Logistics and inventory Management.

HUBSTECH has formalized its partnership with Multibook (formerly TD & Company) , a premier provider of SAP implementation and consulting services in Japan. HUBSTECH and Multibook forms a strong strategy in Enterprise Resource Planning put in Business Process Outsourcing format to allow customers to avail of the benefits brought about by the BPO set up that delivers cost effective option and efficient servicing strategies.

Hubstech owns its facility

overall cost
in Price offering
Can offer an
OPEX model
on equipment
PEZA Accredited

40 years combined BPO experience

Knowledge Management,
Lean Six Sigma
Expertise in
Employee Engagement
. Retention
Strategy and
Customer Relationship Management
Decades of experience in
Operations Management
Quality Standards
, Training and Process Management
In-Depth knowledge in
Talent Profiling
and acquisition

BPO Servicing Strategies and Capacity

Manila, Philippines
December, 2015

Know the Problem Statement of the existing
process and or operations

Define Help Needed by the customer

Scoping and Scaling

Present Value Proposition and Strategy
Process, Knowledge and Cultural Alignment

Working sessions on Statement of Work Agreement


Operations Kick-off

Our Expertise
Contact Center

BPO, KPO Services Scope

On healthcare
How we do what we do?
Operational Foundation
Sample Connectivity 1
Sample Connectivity 2
Thank you
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