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Baradene ICT Journey - Heads Up Conference

No description

Theresa Bosch

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Baradene ICT Journey - Heads Up Conference

Baradene - ICT journey
ICT Professional Development Cluster - 2010 - 2012
ICT PD Cluster Goals
Goal 1 - To increase the integration of ICT within teaching and learning programmes to enable students to become successful digital citizens
Goal 2 - Teachers use the Ultranet and other ICT tools to extend opportunities for learning
Goal 3 - To strengthen professional learning communities and increase collaboration within and
across schools
‘Ultranet’ – our Learning Management System. Website (Trialed in 2008)
Reassessed our ICT support and moved to

Onsite technician every day
Audit of our infrastructure

Set up a document that contains all the basic information.....'Singing from the same song sheet' - all correspondence will contain this information.

Word of warning: ICT decisions
need to be a collective effort

Overall the laptops were a faster, more efficient and easier way to take down important notes during class. We highly recommend the use of them in classrooms around Baradene
SNUP Dec 2011
Set up a document 'Singing from the same song sheet'

Consulted with the Heads of Faculty re device

$1000 range

Periodically added snippents to the Newsletters
Included info in the weekly Friday e-mail

Letter to Y8 parents in June with the Mid-year reports
Meeting with parents

Engineering for Live@Edu –
part of the Microsoft
Education Solution
Professional Development of Staff
FLP's - Faculty Lead People
ICT goal in Staff Performance Agreements
Teachers have access to appropriate programmes to use i.e. Ultranet, eTV, SkyDrive, Apps in the Windows 8 store
School procedures defined for use :
Trialling of device in a limited way to determine what is best based on price, portability, platform, battery life
- Microsoft Office Suite
Successful implementation of
1 to 1 devices
Security Concerns addressed - Cybersafety agreement tightened
Communication to the Community, BOT, Parents - 'led to buy in'
Information nights
Partnership with New Era IT
Business Leaders are saying they need students to learn media literacies, critical thinking skills, and develop the interpersonal and self directed skills that enable students to manage projects and tools
Gilbert considers knowledge based societies also value attributes such as understanding of diversity, ability to innovate and creativity (Gilbert 2005)
Students can't be passive spectators to achieve these attributes. They need to be engaged. We should not use ICT to do 'What schools have always done'

'Active seekers, users and creators of knowledge'
Ministry of Education Vision Statement:

'Rather than knowledge being developed and stored knowledge is increasingly being viewed as a process and valued for its ability to do things' i.e. stored knowledge is not an end in itself but rather a resource students need to generate new knowledge (Gilbert , J. 2005).
'Catching the knowledge wave? The knowledge society and the future of educaiton' Wellington NZCER Press.
Need emphasis on students gaining a wide range of lifelong learning attributes - not only gaining content knowledge - but engaging in meaningful learning experiences.
Adopted Ultranet as our Website not just the LMS after
a years trial with some staff
Focus: Ultranet and ICT to support Teaching and Learning

Support and Training from John Phelps
Faculty Lead People - FLP's
Faculty release time

Upgraded the backbone linking all buildings
Upgraded our Broadband capacity

Ongoing work with the ICT PD cluster

Started work on OneNote as our staff ICT PD
training space

Set up an Induction Course for new staff using OneNote
Kept parents informed of developments via Friday emails and Newsletters.
Surveyed parents
Fibre backbone – connects all the buildings to the server
Server upgraded and rebuilt to facilitate the introduction of the latest Microsoft technologies e.g. Server2008R2, Office 2010, Windows 7
Ultra-fast broadband with Fibre through the gate
PaperCut printing Management System

Toshiba Laptop

Faculty work days to incorporate ICT within their Teaching and Learning Documents
Friday staff meetings
FLP's disseminate information to Faculty

Window's 8 Devices taken to HoF meeting
Information about findings and intentions to all Y8 parent for device implementation in 2013.
Parent meeting - as soon as Windows 8 was released

1st Day of 2013 - all Y9's to Auditorium with their device
connect to the Wireless
photo and added name for Screen Saver
Spoke with those without devices
4 devices

Ongoing cybersafety training including work done by librarians - started at the end of 2012
Upgraded the site to Windows 8 and undertook training of staff and students
Survey to inform next steps
Meeting with Board Sub-committee
Leasing options for parents
Sourcing possible devices
Technical Support
no charging of batteries
Overall Results:
1st= Acer Laptop and HP Laptop with a rating of 5/5
69 wireless access points for a fully functioning wireless environment

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