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Irrawaddy Dolphin

No description

Laurissa Wiper

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Irrawaddy Dolphin

The Irrawaddy Dolphin lives closer to land then other doplphins so they are at higher risk because of human activity. The threats are water poisoning pollution collison with boats and getting caught in fishing nets. Most of these dolphins drown in fishing nets that is how alot of these animals are dying. The climate changes global warming and construction of dams are how theses animals are dying. There are olny 80-120 Irrawaddy dolphin left in he world. Physical Characteristics Irrwaddy Dolphin The Irrawaddy Dolphin looks like a Beluga Whales but they are genetically closer to the Killer Whale species.They are dark blue and gray with a lighter stomach in the front of them. They have a lager forehead and rounded skulls which lacks their appearance of the beak and snout. Their fin is rounded and located around the middle of their back. They have long flippers. The Irrawaddy Dolphin can weigh up to 300 pounds and can grow up to 7-8 feet. Social Structure Breeding The breeding of this dolphin is different then other dolphins. Nothing is really known for these dolphin. The mating season usally occurs from the beginning of the year till June. They estimate that in the ages four to nine can start breeding offspring. The Irrawaddy Dolphin usally reproduces one offspring every two to three years. Threats Classification System Kindom: Animaila Phylum: Chordate Class: Chordate Order: Cetacea Family: Delphinidae Genus: Orcaella Species: O. Brevirostris This animals endangerment stauts is vulnerable. The Irrawaddy Dolphin communicates using buzzing and clicking sounds. In most cases they perfer to travel in small groups that have three to six dolphins. They have more on occasions. While there in the groups they remain social with one another and may occasionally mingle with other groups. They are usally seen splashing and slatting their fins and also rolling around against the water. They also do activites observed including spitting water, blowing bubbles and spyhopping. When they are searching for food they will keep low only letting people see thier fins. This is why we need to help these poor animals.
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