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Lewis Spooner

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of Mugging

People are mugged when the 'mugger' is wanting what they are holding, or when an item such as a phone is expressed in a pocket. A common reason people mug people is when the 'mugger' is on something such as drugs and needs money for them but may have no money for them. Also the 'mugger' may be poor and need the money for food.
Our idea is to make sure that people are aware of mugging; people, especially children, are often mugged when it could have been avoided. To prevent this from happening in future times we plan to give a small amount of training to a few young people to the extent that they know what to do. What they know can then be passed on.
Mugging And How To Prevent It
What we plan to do
How we will do this
We are here to teach young adults or older children about what mugging is and why it happens, how to avoid it and ways that people get mugged.
How this is helpful
The children that will be trained will be taught just what they need to know to be able to pass on their intelligence in this area but enough so that it will provide some protection for others.
What we plan to offer can raise a wider audience who can avoid being mugged and have knowledge of this. This is because many people don't know what to do to prevent/stop a mugger.

People often get mugged because of a lack of knowledge of the surroundings (E.g. Tourists).
What is it like to be mugged?
Being mugged is a terrible, or sometimes a traumatizing experience for the person being mugged. This can result in the person being to scared to go to the shops or even outside in the fear of being mugged all over again.
Why do people get mugged?
How do you avoid being mugged?
Can you think of any ways?
Some ways to avoid being mugged are:
~Don't flash expensive items (E.g. Smart phones, Tablets, Laptops).
~Don't gloat to people about your new device, if they know about it then they could try and take it.
~When walking down alley ways and at night, try to stay in a group of at least 4 people, then you are a harder target.
By keeping your devices and other expensive items hidden and away, muggers will not know you have them and are less likely to mug you.
Flashing expensive items
Stay in groups of at least 4 people
Mugged or Not Mugged
Not Mugged
Gloating to people
Dressing like a tourist
This is as tourists usually carry expensive items (E.g. Cameras, Money, Wallets), they are also unfamiliar with the area and so don't know the dangerous people.
Thank you for watching our Prezi!
What to do when being mugged
When you are being mugged it is a good idea not to go against them especially if they have a weapon. If they don't you should try to defend yourself.
by Lewis, Oliver, Alex, Milind, Dan and Tom
What To Look For
~Look for suspicious people who tend to be loitering in an area, either alone or in a group. Muggers will probably try to hide their faces (E.g. Hoods, Masks, Bandanas).
~If someone is following you and has been for a while - if you want to test this you could cross the street or take a random turn.
~If you are being surrounded by a group of people.

Muggers are usually men, but sometimes women, and usually work in groups, but occasionally alone.
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