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Scholarly and Peer Reviewed Sources

What does it mean if sources are scholarly and peer reviewed? Best viewed in FULLSCREEN.

Amanda VerMeulen

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Scholarly and Peer Reviewed Sources

what is scholarly?
what is peer reviewed?
what is not scholarly?
not sure?
peer reviewed
by experts
for experts
(including students!)
journal articles
sometimes called
an editorial process
most scholarly sources
are reviewed
experts read the material
to determine if it meets the publication's standards
book reviews
letters to the editor
news items
in scholarly journals
may not be peer reviewed
or scholarly!
trade magazines,
popular publications
is the article:
with lots of pretty pictures?
without references or cited sources?

it's probably not scholarly!
ask a librarian!
make sure the material is
factually accurate,
free from severe bias,
and appropriate for research
why peer review?
for journal articles
journal articles
reference sources
(encyclopedias, dictionaries)
put out by a reputable publisher

have a professional editing staff

often include references
put out by a university press,
specialty publisher,
or a reputable institution

often cite sources and have references

are written by experts
are usually long

present original research

use the vocabulary of the field

always cite sources and have references

are written by experts
references sources and books
reviewed by editors
journal articles
peer reviewed
how can I tell
if a resource is
distinguishing characteristics
scholarly resources
oh, and blogs, Facebook updates, and Twitter posts
learn the
warning signs
scholarly &
peer reviewed

can be:
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