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No description

Danielle Karim

on 19 April 2012

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Transcript of Pops BCOM

Pops Diner
Observable Culture Norms
Rights and Rituals
Heros and Villains
Lore Mission Statement
Organizational Identity
Beliefs and Values
Personality of Business Deep Culture Downward Communication
Horizontal Communication
Formal Communication Gossip/Stories
Text messaging
Casual Conversations
when business is slow Informal Communication tip share
general knowledge of Pops
losing table for not cleaning
customer always comes first Norms Free dessert for birthdays
Bag of candy Rights and Rituals Bi-yearly meetings with GM
and Supervisors of Pops
Sending formal messages via
email and text
No way to take problems up
the hierarchy
Downward Communication Be on time like O
Be cordial like R
Be a hard worker like S
Don't be high/drunk like A
Don't be slow like V
Don't be inaccurate like H Heroes and Villains Schedule changes
Extra shifts
Meeting invitations
Texting Comedic Relief Lore Horizontal Communication Placing order through computer instead of face to face
Hosts, servers, busers working together to serve customers
Communication issues with order through the expo
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