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The Adaptation of a Sunflower

No description

Ryan Conley

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of The Adaptation of a Sunflower

The Adaptation of a Sunflower
Adaptations Selected
Genetic Drift
As the climate got much colder, most all sunflowers would have to evolve to adapt to the weather. By this adaptation, sunflowers would lose genetic variety.

The ones who were healthy enough would be able to reproduce their new adaptation.
Sunflower leaf discs floated on a solution containing aspirin produced a set of new proteins extractable and excreted into the intercellular space. The sunflower also has a bright yellow color to attract the bees so it will be pollinated.

Gene Flow

Wild sunflowers occur as weeds in fields where cultivated sunflowers are grown and hybridization between them

Number of Organisms
-There is no exact number of organisms since there is so many of sunflowers found around the world and they are very adaptable to many different environments

-While sunflowers are native to North and Central America, they have spread to many parts of the world including South America and Asia
Sexual Selection
With sunflowers, bright colors do show strong traits, as well as number of pedals. The brighter the flower and the more pedals, the better that sunflower is.
With plants, the pollinators are the reproducers for the flowers.
So with sunflowers, many types of bees including the honey bee and bumble bee pollinate it.
Right now, sunflowers flourish during summer
months and are beautiful type of flower
Assuming a dramatic temperature drop
is coming, sunflowers would need to
adapt because there may be no more

Transition Into Winter
This harsh long winter is going
to start with heavy rainstorms.
Sunflowers can take light summer rains but not continuous storms.
-Follow the sun when young
-Faces East in the morning and gradually follows the sun throughout the day to the West
-When the sun is set, the flower will gradually face East for the next rotation
-They stop rotating once they have matured.
Adaptations Caused and or Selected
With the possibility of cold weather, the sunflower would then grow only taproot roots. Therefore the plant could absorb more water, live longer, grow taller, have stronger stems. Also the plant would start to grow more leaves so receive more sunlight through photosynthesis which will be more beneficial to the plants survival.

- If climate change such as freezing were to be experienced by the sunflowers, the flower buds on the sunflower would be severely damaged depending on what stage of maturity the buds were in. This would result in an alternate form and or structure of the plant.
Sunflowers are annual flowers which means they only last for a year. During the winter season, sunflowers leave seeds to grow next spring season.
The Start of Snow
If the climate is changing and it will be cold and snowy often, sunflowers must learn to adapt and live at least part of the year.
If sunflowers were able to adapt to harsh cold conditions by their pedals becoming stronger and bigger to protect them from the snow, then they might have a chance to survive during a harsh climate change. They could also grow more leaves so when the sun is out they could receive more of the sunlight through photosynthesis. Another solution would to have the flowers only grow taproot roots. With that, the flower would be able to store more water to survive through the harsh climates.
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