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REALcreative Logo Design

A semi-detailed description of the logo designing process

Phil Riehl

on 7 March 2011

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Transcript of REALcreative Logo Design

Do you need a logo? Would you like something like this? How do we achieve this together? A. Creative B. Business 1. Word Associations 2. Sketches 3. Digitizing 4. Color + More Option 1. •Maximum 4 hours x $30/hr = $120 •1 Concept, 1 Sketch, 1 Digitization •Little to no changes/modifications Option 2. •Maximum 8 hours x $30/hr = $240 •20 Concepts Explored, with Sketches •Minor Revisions Accepted Option 3. •Maximum 16 hours x $30/hr = $480 •50 Concepts Explored, Sketches •As many revisions as necessary Please Pick Two: Business cards, letterhead, envelopes and all extra applications
will be billed at $30/hr. Estimate includes design only. 50% Due at signing

50% due at completion

or Monthly payments of
no less than $100 The Project Proposal acts as an
agreement between both parties
and inclues: Responsibilities Objectives Timeline Payment
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