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Curriculum vitae Radvilas Šeputis Prezume style

Project manager

Radvilas Šeputis

on 24 February 2016

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Transcript of Curriculum vitae Radvilas Šeputis Prezume style

Contact me
Project manager
Based on my personal DiSC®
profile, I am:

* Enthusiastic, persuasive & extrovert

* Categorical, imperative & unhesitating

* Change oriented, active & spontaneous
+++ According to
The Center for Quality Assessment in Higher Education
I can communicate (native level) in English as well as in Lithuanian, or C1.
+++ I have spent past 3 years in front of a laptop dealing with massive excel workbooks calculating costs for projects like:
++ the construction of a liquefied natural gas terminal in Lithuania
++ the construction of The Jurbarkas – Klaipėda Gas Transmission Pipeline
+++ I love researching and investigating various subjects, preparing presentations and presenting to various audiences.
+++ Well acquainted with works of : David Allen (GTD), Eliyahu Goldratt (TOC), Malcolm Gladwell (various books)
*** In my previous position I have been responsible for safety and health at work, integration of Management system, financial estimations for projects, negotiations and documentation.
+++ I am currently studying Visual Communication @ International School of Law and Business. These are two projects I have managed:
In case you want more: http://about.me/Radvilas
+++ I have studied for 2 years in England.
I strive to. . .
You may find this interesting:
*** http://www.vizkom.lt/ - website for my study program
*** http://www.ttvam.lt/ - website for my collage
My certificates & diplomas
be consistent
be everywhere
be creative
+++ I love driving, audiobooks, music & making lists.
*** I have spent my childhood in The Vilnius Academy of Arts, Contemporary Art Centre, Vytautas Magnus university.
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