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ACA 090

No description

amanda craig

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of ACA 090

Double click anywhere & add an idea Group Project
Tony James, Amanda Craig Admission Office
Financial Aid Office
Career Services Office Admissions Office
things you need to know;
Located in the the Mendenhall building
on the 2nd floor.
Hours of operation
Monday and Tuesday 8am to 7pm
Wendsday - Friday 8am to 5pm Important People
Lori Blevins along with 3 counselors Best contact way is by email
web address davidsonccc.edu When emailing the school important to use full web address.
There is another school named Davidson College.
Many people have had lost emails due to not including the ccc at the end of davidson. Ths is a fact that we did not know!! The admissions office has an 11 step process
to enroll as a student.
Any student who enrolls and tests is accepted into the college. 1st step - to complete application on line. 2nd step - fill out FAFSA,
file for financial aid.
3rd step - submit high school and any college transcripts. 4th step - make an appointmentto take the placement test. 5trh step - take placement test
and determine your scores. 6th step - find out what supporting classes you need to take if any. 7th step - if needed you can take refresher classes or you can retake the test. 8th step - you have to attend
an orientation. 9th step - register for classes,
and meet your advisor.
10th step - read over college brochure
to find out rules and regulations
as well as what sports are offered for free. 11th step - important to determine if your desired
major is open enrollment or selective admissions..
Fill out aqn intent form for selective progarms. Now you are on your way to get your education!!!! Has a walk in process, open 5 days a week FINANCIAL AID Located on the second floor
of Mendenhall Building. Hours of operation
Monday, Tuesday 8am - 7pm
Wendsday - Friday 8am - 5pm Also have a new drop box
available to drop off documents
if office not open!! Main people to know:
Director Anita Pennix
1 counselor Beverly Billings
VA rep. and Veteran Affairs
2 admission support
Katina Lee, and Ashley Swing(part time)
Best method of contact
is by phone 336-249-8186 ext 6393
if not by phone e mail second best
Services available:
Applying for finacial aid
Student loans
Federal work study
Assist with child care 1st come first serve basis.
Go to area high school and have a fafsa night to help new potential students to fill out fafsa and apply. Alos have an awards ceremony to award students with scholarships.
Also have a fafsa day every year in Febuary.
Also give out a foundation scholarship You must submit your application for any student loans by March 31 2010 You must apply for fafsa before you apply for student loans.
You may be eligible for both. Career Services Located in the Mendenhall building
on the 2nd floor Hours of opertion
Monday, Tuesday 8am - 7pm
Wendsday - Thursday 8am - 5pm Important people to know
New Director: Charles Mayer
Career counselour: Johnny Mickel
Health counselor: Ron Jones Phone number
J. Mickel ext 6236
R. Jones 6206 email address:
rdjones@davidsonccc.edu Services available
provide fax machines and phones to students also have computers available for fafsa and enrollment only Provides service to students through workshops and orientation and class presentations. Information on careern assessment and major change.
Help with job assistance through job link in Thomasville and Lexington. Interview improvememnt and resume writing assistance. They can also film your mock interview to later replay it with you to help you make necessary changes. Ron Jones replaced Christy Comer!!!!! Help inform about companies hiring in the Triad Business magazine Brenda Ellison: support person This is something that we did not know This is an explaination of the services offered through the Admission office, Financial Aid and Career Serivces!!!! Hope that his information helps give you a better understanding of services offer to you!!!!!!
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