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Double Fudge

No description

Raquel L.

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Double Fudge

Doble Fudge
By: Judy Blume Settings The setting is in New York. They live in an apartment in the city. They go to Washington D.C. and meet their long lost cousins. Characters The main character is Fudge. He is a little boy who loves money. Peter is in 7th grade and is Fudge's older brother. Mr Hatcher is Fudge's dad and Mrs. Hatcher is his mom. Fudge's younger sister is Tootsie. Eudora and Howie are Fudge's aunt and uncle. Fudge's cousins, Flora and Fauna are twins and Mini Farley is their little brother.
One main event is when Fudge's cousins come and stay with them. When they are there, a lot of things happen. For example, Fudge's bird hurt his wing, people got stuck in an elevator, and more entertaining things. Fudge loves money. He makes his own money too. He tries to use his fake money on shoes and other items. He believes when he grows up he will own Disney World and win the lottery. Why I Liked This Book! I like this book because it kept me reading. It was never boring. I hope you enjoy it and feel the same way I did. Main event The End!!!!
Hope you liked it!! The Book Report Is by: Raquel LaPonte
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