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Gary S.Creigh - CV

No description

Gary Creigh

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Gary S.Creigh - CV

Gary S. Creigh LinkedIn recommendations sales consultancy

sales training

freelance marketing

interim sales positions

turnaround consultancy actively
sales &
work... with my girlfriend
and my 2 children
Sophie & Benjamin a highly credible sales expert 15 years sales experience
across a wide variety of sectors
generating high volume/value leads and sales a marketeer too... CVs can be quite dull... I live in west-Oxfordshire highly successful digital marketing professional my clients who? I have sold services to lots of people...

Financial Services
Legal and Professional Services
NHS and Local Authorities
Automotive and Manufacturing
Hospitality and Leisure but here's mine anyway... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I'm 37 I have a clean driving license excellent copy and advert writing skills
email marketing pro. Proven RoI
database and client demographics expert
social media savvy £1.2 million in sales this year... and have no criminal record... "...Gary is a wonderful man to work with..." "...Gary is never limited by what can't be done. He sees possibilities and vigorously pursues them..." "...Gary is a highly creative and inspiring individual..." "...Gary is always looking to find ways of giving the wow factor. He is creative and flexible, and makes things happen..." Social media expertise 1800 LinkedIn connections
2800 Twitter followers ...speak digital strategy planning
web design and architecture
seo - off and on page
search advertising
pay-per-click advertising
affiliate programme design with a wide range of digital marketing skills as well as my formal education
I have nearly 20 years professional

multiple CRM training courses
sales and service qualifications
windows expert
mac user
linux proficient the scholar...? Please get in touch for: garyscreigh@aol.com
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