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The City Cat

Air powered car

Doni Ree

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of The City Cat

The City CAT Not this city cat But this city cat By: Don Lee TODAY Car Pollut on Fossil fuel combustion, particularly as it occurs in motor vehicles, has been identified as the LARGEST contributor to air pollution in the WORLD.
As the cities are growing bigger and bigger, most people drive to work.
Cars become necessary in life.
Vehicles with engines must have fuel that is combustible. When combustion occurs, heat is generated with burning of the fuel. This reaction creates vapors that have chemicals, such as carbon dioxide. These pollutants are released into the air causing air pollution. Guy Negre He is the founder of MDI Group, also the creator of the CityCAT's engine. During 1980s, he worked for the Formula 1 racing cars. Later, he started working on compressed air energy, with the aim of reducing petrol consumption. ` The CityCAT is basicly an air-powered car. CAT stands for
Compressed Air Technology. The car runs on compressed
air. It produces zero emmisions and it can travel long range
with low horsepower.
What makes the cityCAT so amazing ? The engine! The engine runs by the
expansion of compressed
air instead of fuel air mixture. Advantages: Easy, simple refueling.
Reduces the cost of vehicle production.
Can be left unused longer.
Air conditioning.
Reduces hazardous chemicals such as gasoline or battery acids/metals
The cityCAT is coming to North America in 2009 to 2010. It has 6 seats, 4 doors. It will have a price about $18,000. The company is planning to produce 10,000 cityCAT per year. It has a range of about 125 miles and hitting the speed of 68mph.
It will only cost $2 to fill the car's carbon filber tank will 340 L of compressed air in a few minutes. Slowly over time, compressed air cars will take over the roads THE END
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