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No description

Andrew Thurman

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Grendel

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Pages 46-56 Grendel Cancer is represented by the Crab Cancer "There will be others this year, yet they hang on" Page 46
This quote relates to Cancer's because of their tendency to hang on things. Grendel Quotes and Meanings "Yet even my mind was tormented by images" Page 48
Since Cancer's minds are very imaginative, they tend to be more susceptible to attacks of the mind Grendel More Quotes "I thought how they'd shriek if I showed my face". Page 50
His fantasies began to manifest and he laughed at the thought of scaring the humans. Yet Even more quotes Last But Not Least: More Quotes By Andrew Thurman I Lied: One More Slide Its Months is June 22 to July 22 Cancer's are the type of people who value a
stable home. They tend to cling onto the past, its very to hard
for them to let go of things Their imaginations tend to run wild, meaning that they tend to live in fantasies more often than others. "The sun backs away from the world like a crab and the days grow shorter, nights grow longer, more dark and dangerous" Page 46
This quote relates to Cancer's because their symbol is a crab.
Cancer's also tend to back away into the safety of their homes to gather their resources and come back stronger. Their motto could be "The best offense is the best defense". I Backed off crab-like, furthur into the darkness- like a crab retreating in pain when you strike 2 stones at the mouth of his underwater den". Page 48
Thsi is the same as the above quote, they have almost the same meaning "If the ideas of art were beautiful, that was art's fault, not the Shaper's" Page 49
Cancers have great imagination, and are artistic. I inferred that Grendel is artistic, and that his views of art are different than those of humans. "I could feel that invisible presence" Page 50
With an open mind, he could literally feel the presence of his
evil self manifesting inside of him "Stumbling out groaning Mercy, Peace" Page 51
Cancer are not known to be emotional, but they can be swayed by sudden emotional events "I sank to my knees crying, Friend, Friend" Page 52
Like the above, he was moved by the Shaper's words and wanted to share his feelings with others. "I looked up through the treetops, ludicrously hopeful!" Page 53
His imagination wanted him to think that he could be friends with the humans some kind of way "Why can't I have someone to talk to"? Page 53
The saddest quote...
Cancers by nature are "clingy" and want to have someone special to talk to. Meaningful relationships mean a lot to them. "If he had sons, they wouldn't hear his words"
This comes from his past experiences. He later says "I've watched the generations. Ive seen their weasel eyes". He used past experiences to come to a realization of what would happen in the future "Two nights later, I went back. I was addicted". Page 54
This is Cancers clinginess that most tend to have. THE END/FIN
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