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Some views on renewable energy

No description

Law Wai

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Some views on renewable energy

Some views on renewable energy
Wind energy in HK
Wind energy in HK may have some problems...
energy efficiency and reliability
nuclear energy
1. it is safe: the nuclear energy takes place in a
reactor: nuclear fission chain reaction is in very controlled situation.
The location of the nuclear plant
and the plant
Sources of articles that you can read :)
Useful sources and article online
Advantages of nuclear energy
Use point form and jot down 1elaboration
offshore wind farm is something HK should consider
large wind turbine
on land may be a problem in
HK, the reason is...
This article talks about potential problems of an offshore wind farm. Can you read it at home and sum-up in 50 words?
The noise pollution of wind farm?
Don't forget, we have merits about wind energy and windfarm
Do you think they will affect residents a lot? Give 2 reasons to support your answer
Do you think they agree with the ultimate aim: clean our air?
What sorts of solutions may be made to relieve the nuisance on the natural life?
About questions and answers of wind farm in HK
About the proposed power plant in HK
An article in Chinese to let you know some opposing views of power plant
successful stories of wind farms in the world
2. It is zero-emission
no burning of fossil fuel.
a solution to the global warming
what does this diagram tell you?
Is it safe?
What happened in Chernobyl?
Can you find some data on the loss of people? e.g. the number of deformed children?

Other cases that you can mention?
some demerits of the plants
Which one is better in terms of
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