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No description

sergio sanchez

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of EUROCAT

¿Model of Colaboration?

Lawyers of PP ( Spanish Goverment)

More than 25 in the Real State Business

We are the law firm of the most Real State Companies

Every proyects we will do it hand by hand with boyh part to get the best profits
We work dinamics and coordinate
Once we colaborate w will be trasnparents with every agreements

Intercambio comercial con el mundo
Our Office
Calle Muntaner, núm. 328, 2º 1ª
Teléfono: (+34) 93 237 91 55
Fax: (+ 34) 93 237 58 00
Email: info@jigualadorabogados.com
Página Web: www.jigualadorabogados.com

Eurocat has agreements with the 3 biggest Constraction and Real State companies to develop in Chinesse Market
Eurocat has agreement with every banks
Eurocat has agreements with diferents Real State Particular Products
Eurocat has the experience of more than 25 years working with funds from China, Brasil, Netherlands, USA and so on
4. Consulate of China
in Spain
1.PP ( Goverment of Spain)

3.ICBC Bank
5. Three biggest Real State Companies
Define Marketing Mix
Human Resourses
Comparación política
Looking For Common Interest

We as a Lawyer company and the expertice and our partners only have the confiance in our company could present the project and they will invest .

With our partners we have more than 10000 millions euros in Real State .

And with your expertice in Chinesse Market we will be the number 1 company

Principales empresas exportadoras
Principales empresas importadoras
Chinesse and Spanish together
Seguridad como Partner
Categorías de desgravación
Relación personal
Estatus y la jerarquía

- Products
- Price

We have the best structures in Barcelona, Madrid, Mediterranean Coast an Marbella

More than 500 persons

One Lawyer in Common to canalizace the agreements and negociate

The best companies with the msot famous business Man
Once you are interesting and we sign the LOI we could introduce our agreements an Partners

We start to define the Strategy for next year

We start to analise the tactical Strategy
Por parte de nyn y el fondo, ofrecerán garantías suficientes para el recíproco cumplimiento de sus obligaciones (avales, penalizaciones, seguros garantía decenal, ....), para asegurar el cumplimiento entre los socios y frente a terceros (venta sobre plano de viviendas en China, respecto a los plazos de entrega por parte nyn). Aquí es importante indicar, que habrá una voluntad de aprovechar realizar ventas sobre plano o preventas, tanto en España como China.
, Law degree from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 1992, is founder and managing partner of the law firm J. BREAKER & ATTORNEYS, Are offering comprehensive advice and consultancy both legal and financial accounting. The office is staffed by a team of highly qualified professionals, specialized in both private law matters such as public law, particularly in Civil Law, Sports Law, Commercial Law, Banking Law, Urban Planning and Construction Law, and Mortgage Registration Law, Law Criminal Law, Labor Law, Tax Law and Administrative Law and Administrative Litigation, Tax, accounting and finance
Over 10 years working in the Chinese market working hand in hand with brands such as Futbol Club Barcelona, Juve i Camps, Real Madrid Foundation in China, Tactical Soccer, Tour Spain, Generalitat de Catalunya among others.

He has worked with business leaders forming as Banco Popular, Banca Mora, Nespresso,Banc Sabadell, Sanitary Rock, Caixa Penedes inter alia

, known businessman living in China, which develops commercial activities primarily in the textile, Spanish Products, Soccer and Real Estate.

We must emphasize that the current also defend the interest and invest of Our Customers in chna Market .

6. Foment of Work
2. ( Goverment of Catalonia)

Represent invest Funds in
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