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The Giver-Themes

No description

Dallas Almazan

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of The Giver-Themes

I believe that this theme relates to the story, because as Jonas had to escape, he had to bring Gabriel, or else he would be Released. And so he and Gabe had to go through all sorts of bizarre, unexpected weather.
Never Give Up
Gabe is also an important character to the story, because, soon right after Jonas knew about Release, he later finds out one morning that Gabe will be released, and so Jonas doesn't want that to happen, especially seeing that it's his Dad, that does releasing
The Giver
The Giver's also an important character to the story, because he's the one that gives Jonas the memories, and helps come up with the plan of 'Escape'.
Jonas is the most important character, because 1, he's the main character, and 2, he is the one that can possibly help he community!
Later in the book, at the Giver's location-Annex, that's where he received his memories from the Giver.
The Stirrings
Jonas got the feeling of love in ch. 4-5 in which his mom gave him a pill that made him never have that feeeling again.
Possible Theme-How it Relates
4 Major Characters
5 Main Plots/Parts
The Giver-Themes
Jonas' Parents
Jonas' parents are important, too... And here's how: Mom, told Jonas about the 'Stirrings', and the Dad, since he was a doctor, he releases a couple people now and then. So, when he saw the video of his dad releasing 1 of the twins, he was devastated.
Pg. 1-179
Pg. 1-179
Pg. 12-179
Pg. 74-179
Pg. 1-179
Video of Released
The Video of release was kind of weird, but it was his dad who released a set of twins, where they eject a needle of clear liquid into the body.
Escape Plan
At the end of the book, the Giver and him made a plan or escape, and he had to bring Gabe, or he'll be released
the ceremonies are also an important thing, because it happens year-round.
Setting of the Giver
Pg. 1-179
The setting of the Giver, is on a cliff-like edge. There is a river nearby. There's a place called 'Elsewhere', where it's beyond where they are from. And the place where the ceremonies take place.
3 Person-Limited
The Giver and Jonas had the most dialogue,because they were the most people talking to each other, and coming up with 'The Escape' plan.
Pg. 1-179
Pg. 1-179
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