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No Man is an Island

No description

Kasey Morello

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of No Man is an Island

No Man is an Island
No man is an island means that no man is by himself. Every man is part of a continent and together in a bigger picture, society.
No man is a lone island in the ocean. Every man is part of a continent with every other man in society. Should anything happen to someone, the continent is incomplete and everyone is affected by the loss.
"No man is an island" is a metaphor that states no man is alone. Islands are usually surrounded by large bodies of water and can often be forgotten, but the speaker is assuring that no man will be forsaken, regardless of the circumstances.

"Every Man is a piece of a continent" is a metaphor that describes how every member of society is a piece of a large puzzle, and should anything happen to a piece, the puzzle is incomplete. The speaker is emphasizing the idea that the loss of any man in society is significant and greatly effects everyone else.

"And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee" is an example of symbolism. In the 17th century, bells were frequently used for church functions and funeral services. The author is indicating that he does not care to know who had passed, because any death is significant to him and he will mourn the loss of any member of his society.

"As well as if a promontory were" is a simile comparing to the loss of land Europe would suffer if a person passed away to a promontory, . The members of society are depicted as pieces of the contient, and Europe would be
The speaker has a welcoming attitude towards the reader.

The speaker has a fair way of thinking and attitude towards man
The title No Man is an Island interperts that no man is alone or forgotten and that every man is a piece of society.
After talking about how every man is not alone like an island surrounded by water, the speaker tells how every death effects someone. He then talks about how every death causes him is own kind of pain.
No man is an island, alone and forgotten but together a society where everyone is signifigant.
By: Kasey Morello and Sara Debab
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