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The Cake Made Out Of Teeth

No description

kaitlyn smiley

on 12 October 2016

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Transcript of The Cake Made Out Of Teeth

Freytag's Pyramid
Henry Higginbotham is a very bad child.
His parents get him a cake for his birthday and he doesn't like it so they get him new one
The cake is identical to Henry and when he eats the cake, he feels his own teeth eating himself.
Henry has to eat the whole cake in order for it to stop
Cannibalism In Baboons
by: Claire Legrand
The Cake Made Out Of Teeth
Character- Devil figure: Mr. Honey was the person who cursed Henry
Situational- Death and Rebirth: Henry passes out and when he wakes up he acts like a new person
Symbolic-black: When Henry ate any other food than cake, he would throw up black goop
By: A. Kaplin
rising action
falling action
Henry reports Mr. Honey and he is a good child now
Henry realizes that when ever he eats the cake, he eats himself too
Henry finishes the cake and passes out, when we wake up he acts different
Henry doesnt like the cake his parents get, when he gets anew one, it look identical to Henry
Its Henry Higginbotham's birthday and he is having a party at his house
Summary: How baboons eating each other isnt normal, but on baboon eats his own infant. Researchers are trying to figure out why by running tests
Both "Cannibalism in Baboons" and "The cake made out of teeth" e connected because, when henry eats the cake he eats himself, showing cannabalism, just like the baboons
theme: treat others how you want to be treated
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