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The location, climate & topography of Kiribati

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Tanya James

on 19 April 2016

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Transcript of The location, climate & topography of Kiribati

The location, climate & topography of Kiribati
Kiribati is an island nation located in the pacific ocean. It is north east of Australia and is directly east of Indonesia. The islands of Kiribati are divided in to 3 groups, The phoenix, Gilbert and Line Islands.
responses to the hazard risk
has or will the hazard become a disaster? Evaluate.
Kiribati.. A Disappearing nation
Kiribati has a hot, humid and tropical climate. The Islands don't experience much of a change in the climate, meaning no defined seasons or changes in temperature. Only a degree difference occurs.
This Topographic map of Kiribati really does present it to be fading away with quite a lot of the land covered by water, or only 1 or 2 meters above
The hydro meteorological hazard acting upon Kiribati has many negative outcomes. Sea levels are rising and the ice caps are melting. These rising levels are posing the people of Kiribati to loose all there natural surroundings and homes. All the islands suffer from flooding, Tarawa is less than 3 meters above sea level. The people living throughout Kiribati are at great risk of loosing their environments. Other than life on land, Kiribati's Corals are at risk. They are very sensitive to warmer temperatures, so this puts up a major risk of coral bleaching. Loosing Kiribati's corals, would put the marine life at risk also.
the hydro-meteorological hazard of sea-level rise: causes & impacts in Kiribati.
Kiribati have produced an Adaption Program to manage the on going problem. It aims to reduce the risk by raising awareness. Kiribati are also protecting their water resources.

Kiribati have tried to adapt to the sea levels by moving up and inland. Many houses on the water have been ruined and people are having to relocate. This creates many problems with the space and land. Emergency plans are also put in place, in case of any major flooding.
Kiribati is diapering country, this should be considered a disaster. When the word 'disaster' is brought up events like tsunamis and bush fires are thought of. The outcomes of the rising sea levels in Kiribati are just as devastating, they just take longer to occur and happen more gradually. Many of the islands are just too narrow, leaving no room for anybody to go. This disaster poses large changes on the people of Kiribati.

These kind of flooding issues are happening all over the islands

Beautiful islands will be lost.

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