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Why did Henry VIII break with Rome?

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on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of Why did Henry VIII break with Rome?

By Bryony Richards.
Why did Henry VIII break with Rome?
In this presentation, I will be explaining a number of reasons as to why Henry VIII broke with Rome. This presentation will also include the benefits and problems his reasons would cause. Many of these reasons link with each other.
Protestantism was becoming very popular in England. Four of Henry's wives were protestant. This means that most of the English people wouldn't mind that much if Henry broke from the Catholic church.
Friends and Enemies
By breaking with the Catholic church, Henry would make more friends abroad, with the people who also want to or have broken with the Catholic church.
He would also make more enemies abroad with the people who are Catholic and don't want to get rid of the Pope.
Henry would gain more power by breaking with the Catholic church because he is showing that he is King, he's got lots of money and he can build his own church if he wants to. So by doing this, he is just reminding everyone that he is King, he's in charge.
He would also gain more power over the church because he would be Leader of the church.
Henry also wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon because Anne Boleyn was pregnant so he needed to divorce Catherine.
This is one of the reasons he broke with Rome because the Pope wouldn't let him have a divorce. He wanted to divorce Catherine and marry Anne because Catherine couldn't give him a son, so he hoped that Anne could.
Church of England
This links in with divorce and Protestantism. Henry broke with Rome so could build his own church - the church of England, this church allows divorce. By building his own church, this also made him leader of the church, free to divorce. This means that Protestantism became more popular and Catholicism became less popular (in the country).
The Pope
Henry breaking with Rome made Henry leader of the church, so that means that the Pope was no longer leader of the church. This means the Pope lost his job and all the Catholics lost their leader. This would result in more enemies and possibly more wars. However, this would result in more friends as well, the protestants would be friends with Henry.
Henry would make more money by breaking with Rome because the English people would donate to his church instead of the Catholic church because there would be more Protestants.
He would also make more money because he would get rid of the Catholic churches and make money off the gold and jewels that the Catholic churches had. Henry having more money would also intimidate Catholic countries, because it was showing them that he had lots of money, he could build his own church and he was leader of the church now.
Marriage and Family
Henry's marriage with Catherine of Aragon would be over, but he would be able to get married to Anne Boleyn. He would still have a daughter but his family would get even bigger because he would keep having children until he got a son.
Thomas Cromwell

Thomas Cromwell worked with Henry VIII from 1532 to 1540, he was an English lawyer and statesman.
Thomas Cromwell was the person who suggested the break with Rome to Henry.
Henry breaking with Rome would mean he would get rid of the monasteries, which means there would be more land to build his church of England, and he could rent out the extra land for people to live on. This way, he would make even more money.
Money: Benefits
A benefit of Henry making more money is that if there were future wars, he would have enough money for weapons and an army, and whatever he needed.
Another benefit would be that the English people would become Protestant and donate to his church, meaning that most people wouldn't be against Henry for breaking with Rome. He would also have more money to make any changes he needed to.

Money: Problems
The problems would be that the poor English people would get poorer, because they would have to give money to Henry, when they don't even have much money anyway. This would be unfair to the English people and some might turn against him, and possibly lose their lives if Henry wanted to execute them.
Divorce: Benefits
In a way, a benefit would be that other people would be able to divorce as well, giving the English people more freedom.
Henry would also be able to have more children because he would marry more women and he might get the son he always wanted.
Divorce: Problems
By allowing English people the freedom to divorce may also be seen as a problem as well as a benefit. This is because the English people might divorce all the time, which is not what God wants. So this would make God displeased with Henry for allowing people to divorce, and with the English people for divorcing.
Church of England: Benefits
The benefits of the Church of England would be that Henry allowed some of the prayers to be in English, and that would encourage people to go to church more, so that they could understand what the priest was saying.

Church of England: Problems
Protestantism: Benefits
The benefits of Protestantism are that the country will become more of a protestant country, so the people will accept that Henry is leader of the church and more people will become protestant, agreeing with Henry's choices.
Protestantism: Problems
The problems would be that his daughter Mary is Catholic, so when she came to the throne, she would change England back to a Catholic country. This means that all of Henry's work, and the work his son would do to make the country Protestant would all be reversed.
The benefits would be that almost everybody would obey Henry because he would have more power to do whatever he wanted now.
The problems are that with Henry having more power, he would be able to kill people if they disobey him, which is against God, which means Henry would believe God was displeased with him.
With Henry breaking with Rome, he would make friends with other Protestant countries.
The problems with friends and enemies would be that he would make more enemies because he got rid of the pope, which Catholic countries would be displeased about. This could lead to even more wars.
The Pope: Benefits
The benefits of Henry getting rid of the pope is that Henry would be leader of the church, which is what he wanted, so he would get what he wanted.
Catholic countries would disagree with Henry getting rid of the Pope and they would be his enemies. Also, nobody would listen to the Pope's rules and they would also go against the Catholic Church.
He would be able to divorce and get what he wanted, he might even get a son.
God would be displeased with Henry by divorcing Catherine, and letting everyone else being able to divorce as well.
This links with the problems of divorce.
Thomas Cromwell: Benefits
Thomas got Henry what he wanted and was a big help to Henry's life.
Thomas also created lots of problems by suggesting the break with Rome to Henry. For example getting Henry more enemies by breaking with Rome.
People would be able to rent the land and pay Henry for it, which is also good for Henry because Henry would get more money.
There would be less land for Henry to use. The land wouldn't be able to be used for growing crops on either.
The problems would be that the Pope would lose his job, and the monks wouldn't live in the monasteries anymore either. This could cause problems because the monks made remedies and medicines and looked after the elderly and sick. If Henry got rid of the monasteries, the monks wouldn't be able to do that anymore. Henry would get rid of them so he could have his Church of England. He sent people out to try and find anything wrong with the way the monks were living, so that he would have reasons for the English people, as to why he would close down the monasteries and break with Rome.
Power: Benefits
Power: Problems
Friends and Enemies: Benefits
Friends and Enemies: Problems
The Pope: Problems
Marriage and Family: Benefits
Marriage and Family: Problems
Thomas Cromwell:Problems
Land: Benefits
Land: Problems
Thank you for watching.
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