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The Trojan War's Affect on Ancient Greek Culture

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Kiara Laserna

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of The Trojan War's Affect on Ancient Greek Culture

Religious Beliefs
The stories of the Trojan War enforced the belief of Greek mythology.
The Trojan War gave the Greeks a better understanding of the gods and goddesses.
The war stories encouraged the belief of one common religion.
The culture of ancient Greece was affected by the Trojan War through common rituals, routines, and daily activities.
Women's Roles in War
Spartan women were seen as support for their husbands in battle.
Women built their husbands' battle uniforms.
"Women worked in state factories sewing the uniforms for the soldiers in the king's armies" (Bella Vivante).
Women's Roles in Daily Life
The Trojan War affected the daily life of Women.
The war influenced the occupation of women.
Women worked with materials long after the war.
Confidence and Courage
Greeks found inspiration to fight and stand their ground within the stories of the Trojan War.
The stories of the Trojan War also gave the Greeks a sense of hope and strengthened their religious beliefs.
The Trojan War's Affect on Ancient Greek Culture
Women's Roles in War
Confidence and Courage
The Trojan war gave the people of Greece a sense of hope and more confidence in themselves.
The Trojan War influenced how Women performed tasks and daily activities.
"Spartan women benefited from the lifestyle Spartan military society upheld" (Vivante).
Women were able to make a living off of working with the soldier's uniforms and clothing.
“They [the Greeks] were also hopeful, for while the hero who gets above himself and acts arrogantly will be punished, he may also, like Achilles, learn from his mistakes” (Carol Thomas and Craig Conant 79).
"Although the Greeks in general did not question the veracity of their myths ... some effort was made to try to explain away some of their more fanciful elements" (Joyce Salisbury and Gregory Aldrete).
The Trojan War inspired the works of many famous Greek authors.
Euripides and Sophocles
Their work influenced literature throughout history.
The Greeks practiced their religion through sacrifice and regular prayers.
By Kiara Laserna
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