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Is your eReputation an eMess?

Online Reputation Management by Paula Hill, Strategic Online Solutions, in Fort Worth, TX.

Paula Hill

on 19 April 2016

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Transcript of Is your eReputation an eMess?

“We will be known forever by the tracks we leave.”
- Lakota Native
American Proverb
Thank You!
I build websites and help small business owners market online.
Your Online Reputation
The act of...
monitoring, addressing, or mitigating
or search engine results
for a company, product, or person.
Sometimes our reputations become tarnished when we

loose our cool
” or make a mistake.

But not always...
Sometimes people
try to ruin our reputations.
Basically I’m in the business of CREATING online reputations.
Joe's Story
Who's Searching?
Insurance Companies
Potential Clients & Partners
College Admission Departments
And even lovers…
You may mind your dating pool drying up if you have a bunch of unflattering photos hanging out there.
Keep in mind…your Social Media posts, texts, and photos are indexed by the search engines.
2. Get involved in legal issues.
1. Embarrassing life events.
3. Tweet, share or comment offensive language or content.
4. Affiliation with questionable groups.
5. Public retaliation.
6. Obsessively searching for your own negative content.
7. Not claiming your own name on Social Networking Sites.
Seven ways we sabotage our reps.
Think of the Internet and everything on it like a public conversation, multiplied by millions.
Everything you say can and will be scrutinized, evaluated and disputed.
2. Be responsible for yourself & accept the consequences of your actions.
1. Maintain self control.
3. Respect others.
4. Remove yourself from the emotion of any malicious intent.
5. Don't look back - keep moving onward and upward.
6. Take action.
How to keep your eReputation pristine.
"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it."
- Warren Buffett
Have you Googled Yourself lately?
How about your employees?
Acton, TX
What happened:
Young girl, "Amy" is threatened in public.
The charges:
3rd degree felony charge of online impersonation.
Sheriff: "The crime committed by the middle school age girls is tantamount to identity theft and bullying."
The girls spent over two weeks in juvenile detention, because...
1) as juveniles they weren’t eligible for bond,
2) the Judge was on Summer Vacation
Cyber Disasters
Your child “over-exposes” themselves on Facebook or even worse, has court documents or other unflattering public records, appearing online.
Facebook estimates over 83 million FB pages are FAKE.
Half of U.S. teens report suffering some form of cyber bullying.
- National Crime Prevention Council
2 Things about the Internet
A Facebook Page Submitted as Evidence
“I’m going to kill you LOL!!!”
“U R So Dead ;-)”
The Emoticon Defense
Use Google Alerts to help manage your Online Reputation
“Google Bots”
(or Google Spiders) scan & catalog content on the Internet.
Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your queries.
Actively and consistently increase positive content about yourself online.
How to Push Your Content
7 Steps to clean up your eRep
A disgruntled former employee decides to trash your reputation…
A malicious ex-spouse posts an unflattering picture of you that goes viral.
A snarky email you sent is published just as you launch a run for political office.
There is no "Fixing" Google
How to avoid
& clean up your online reputation.

Me want fat slow bird.
Your spouse?
Or your children?
The page contained foul language and threats toward other students which “cultivated a bad reputation for the victim.”
The Sheriff
Uses for Google Alerts:
1) Monitor mentions of YOUR name or COMPANY name.
2) Monitor a developing news story.
3) Keep current on a competitor or your industry.
Mother searches daughter's name on Facebook.
Two girls ages 12 and 13, are accused of creating a FAKE Facebook page in Amy's name
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