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8th Grade math

No description

Danielle Tawil

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of 8th Grade math

8th Grade math
Ms. Tawil
Looking forward to a great year!

Feel free to contact me with any questions, via email at dtawil@mdyschool.org
What can we do for the students together?
Small Groups
My name is Ms. Tawil and I will be your child's math teacher this year!
In case you want to know a little bit about me,
I am actually a Magen David Yeshivah graduate,
and have my Masters Degree in Middle School
Mathematics Education from Brooklyn College.

I am very easy to get in touch with via email,
at dtawil@mdyschool.org between the hours of
8 am and 9 pm.
Class Expectations
The students are expected to:

-come to class prepared with anything and everything they need to be successful in math.
- listen while others are speaking.
- participate in class discussion and ask question when necessary!
- be respectful of peers and teachers.
- not be afraid to make mistakes
What types of things are we going to be working on this year?
We are starting with integers and then moving to:
- equations
- graphing
-Pythagorean theorem
- proportions
- fractions, decimals and percents
- geometry
- probability
Homework policy
Homework is assigned each day.

Homework will be checked everyday, and sometimes it will be collected and graded.
When it comes to questions with homework,students should ask a classmate first, but can email me with questions up to
9 PM.
Test policy
As stated by the code of conduct, if a student missed an assessment or test due to an absence, a student must make up the test
the day they return to school
, after school, and must schedule an appointment with Vered or Mrs. Schaer to do so.
Quiz policy
Quizzes will be given often.

Quizzes will include questions on the two previous lessons to ensure constant review and upkeep.

Quizzes will not be announced in advance.
Why do we work in small groups?
Smaller groups means more individualized time for each teacher and student.

Students feel more comfortable to participate in class when there are less students.

There are many of websites that can be used as an extra resource for the students.
An email will go out with a list of websites that can be used to help the children grow in math.
They can access games, practice worksheets, online practice, videos and many different types of practice problems.
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