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Strategies for Learning ASL

No description

Lisa Koch

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Strategies for Learning ASL

Strategies for Learning

Building a Langauge Community
We will be maintaining a signing environment in sign language classroom, during breaks and especially wlhen Deaf people are present.
Leave English, and your voice, outside the classroom!
This is recommended to minimize your reliance on English as you listen or ocnverse in ASL.
Use classtime to immerse yourself in teh language by interacting wit the instuctor and other students using ASL.
Focus on meaning rather than individual signs.
Don't worry about a sign you missed or don't know.
Focus on the meaning of what's being said.
If a particular sign is repeated over and over and you still can't figure out its meaning, ask the instructor.
Try to avoid asking your classmates for an English translation.
Focus on the signer's face, not on their hands!
There are two important reasons for this.

1. A lot of grammar is conveyed in the facial expression so to really know what is said, you must see both the facial expression and what is signed.
2. It is considered rude to look away from the signer's face while they are signing to you. Always maintain eye contact.
Show that you understand the signer.
Listeners have very active roles in signed conversations.
Actively listening increases your comprehension skills and optimizes your learning.

The more you participate, the more you will retain what you learn!
Develop active listening behaviors like:
Nodding to show you are following along.
Give a puzzled look when you are not following.
Respond with signs "hu" "wow" or "really"
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