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mLearning FITT Project

Details a project to create and measure mLearning in a large lecture class. Includes project development info and initial data.

christa acampora

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of mLearning FITT Project

mLearning in
Large Classes Racing Along FITT 2012 Project There's an App for That! 30 iPads on loan through library
90% have remained in the section
1,001 details concerning development & management
Tremendous time investment: roughly 25 hours of prep time per chapter, 15 hours/class meeting; + management & student training
Sometimes exciting, always exhausting learning curve
Completely renovating 10 years of Bb materials Snapshot of Initial Data Now what?! Investigation: plenty of gadgets & distractions
Mobility, mobility, mobility!
Nothing off-the-shelf: most mLearning is corporate training, less academic
Design for assessment Feasibility Student access: Do they have relevant devices?
Student receptivity: Would they use their devices for course activities? Are they using them now, and how?
What's available?
How to make things comparable?
How to gather useful information? Original Concept: Curate a set of apps to use in a section of a large lecture course to replace the discussion meeting. Assess the project in terms of student achievement and engagement. Christa Acampora
Philosophy Screen too small
Don't trust network
Too distracting
It's cheating
Prefer more tangible books Preliminary, not final; more to come! Let's look! Need authoring platform—JetPack (now SkyPack), iBook Author
iBA limitations: need iOS, little clunky, slight learning curve
HUGE need for support (undefined, uncharted), lots of management & logistics Calculator
Search engine
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