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No description

Marie-Catherine Baron

on 10 January 2015

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Transcript of Wendigo

The Wendigo's abilities
The Wendigo would possess:
-superhuman strength
-the ability to imitate human voices
-his capacity to possess a human being.
References in Pop Culture
It's been used in many different television series such as Hannibal, Charmed, Haven, Supernatural and Grimm.
What's a Wendigo?
The wendigo is a demonic half-beast creature appearing in the legends of the Algonquian peoples along the Atlantic Coast of both the United States and Canada.
A case of Wendigo possession
Swift Runner, a trapper believed he had been possessed by a Wendigo in 1879 after murdering his six children, wife and brother and eating their bodies afterward. In the same year, Swift Runner maintained that he had been possessed, but nothing was ever proven.
How to kill a Wendigo
There are two ways to destroy the Wendigo
First one needs to incapacitate the Wendigo, next drive a silver stake through it's heart in order to shatter it, then put the pieces in a securely locked silver box and bury it in consecrated ground, after dismember the body with a silver tipped axe and the pieces must be salted and burned to ashes and scattered to the four winds.
One would need to shoot the Wendigo's heart with a flare gun or a flaming arrow.
Physical Description
The Wendigo's physical appearance is different in every culture;
-He is covered in fur
-He is hairless
-He is tall and slim and having no lips
-It is described more as a humanoid creature than a man with beast features.
The Legend's connection to cannibalism
The Wendigo myth only reinforced the fear of cannibalism. Many even used it as a story to discourage this action.
Wendigo psychosis
When patients show signs of cannibalistic tendencies
are violent
have an extreme antisocial behavior

There was an outbreak of such cases in the 1970's.
How to become a Wendigo
contacted by the spirit, often in a dream
meeting one of these in the forest during the night.
After having seen the creature
Amerindian Legend
The result of a crossing between a human being and a deer or a coyote
Human being transformed by cannibalism

+ =
Why invent this Legend?
Teach respect for nature to children.
Relation between man kind and nature.
It encourages the respect towards nature.

fake or real?
there’s a way to kill the Wendigo.
similarities in all legends from different countries.
These days there are a lot of myths that have been proven to be real.
his ability to transform humans into objects it's physically impossible.
No pictures
his physical appearance changes trough differents cultures

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