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mark macmillan

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of PREZI

5 Social networking sites CreapyPasta A website that you can read comics and talk to random people Reddit Ning Ning is a website that you get on and just talk to people meet new people (some what like a dating site) My Life is a website that you original go to
so you can keep in touch with your old
past friends from high school and so on Linked in
My Life
Creepy Pasta By Jesus and
Mark 5 socail websites By, Jesus Creepypasta is a site that tells stories, legend, and myths of killer (not all are killers). Example Eyeless Jack and Slender man and in my oppion Jeff the killer is best. You can message leave comment for other people while you can post your own stories. Linked in Linked in is mainly for people use at your job to to keep in touch with stocks and with order and you can also talk to your family with it MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA PREDICTIONS that in 10 years that we'll have halografic computers that you can enter and talk to friends play games and so on.... Possitives and Negitives some possitives is that you can talk to friends or meet new people. negitives is that you can be hacked or spammed to death
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