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The Eye of Minds Plot/Setting

No description

Youssef M

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of The Eye of Minds Plot/Setting

The story starts off with Michael trying to save a girl named Tanya that is trying to kill herself by jumping off the virtual Golden Gate Bridge. Michael desperately is trying to help her because firstly, he doesn't want to see anyone die, but secondly because he wants the experience points to help him reach the status of Lifeblood Deep. The highest status a gamer can reach. However, he doesn't manage to persuade Tanya so she pulls out her Core which is the barrier that keeps them alive in the virtual world if they die. She then jumps off the bridge and kills herself.

Later on Michael doesn't go to the virtual world for a while because he couldn't comprehend as to what he saw during the encounter with Tanya.

On his way to school, he cuts through an alleyway, but gets jumped by a couple of people in suits. They take him to the VNS facility where he meets Agent Weber. She explains that the VNS is trying to catch Kaine, the most dangerous hacker in the VirtNet. Agent Weber mentions something about “The Path” which would help them find Kaine. Agent Weber asks Michael and his best friends, Bryson and Sarah to catch Kaine. Even though they were best friends they hadn't actually met each other in the real world.

He gets released and starts a conversation with his friends to ask them if they were up for the challenge. They both agreed and went to a barbershop owned by a person named Cutter. Every rumor passed by his barbershop. They thought that he would know something about Kaine and “The Path”.

When they fell on the clock platform they saw an old lady sitting on a chair. Her name was Satchel and she explained a lot about “The Path” itself and the Mortality Doctrine. After answering questions from everyone, she disappeared and the clock platform started crumbling. 12 portals opened up on every hour. But they had no idea which one they had to go through. Before the old lady left, she had said a riddle that would have given them the answer. The riddle was: Before you choose the witching hour, Take care to dream the tallest tower. Then careful before you leave too soon, Behold the Dark and hollow moon. What time do you think this riddle symbolizes?

They had figured out the riddle and went through the right portal. They were teleported to a dark underground tunnel.

They go to his barbershop and ask him if he knows something. However, he only knew that Kaine was dangerous. Fortunately, he knew a person named Ronika who knew a lot more about Kaine than he did. He told Michael and his friends to go find her in the Black and Blue bar.

They went through a lot of trouble to hack through all the codes to be able to meet her. She had teleported them into a private room.

The Eye of Minds Plot/Setting

Michael, Bryson, and Sarah asked a lot of questions about Kaine, and Ronika answered most of them. She told them that “The Path” could only be found in a game called “Devils of Destruction”. Unfortunately, they were attacked by Kaine who had sent viscious monsters called Kill Sims that drain away all the code that you're made up of. Michael and his friends got away unharmed, but Ronika was completely devoured and disappeared.

They followed her advice and went to the “Devils of Destruction” game to try and find the path. At first they weren't allowed to enter so they had to fight their way through.

They were in a tundra. There were many fierce battles, and hundreds of trenches that could be hiding “The Path”. They all split up to make the process faster. However, they all died countless times before eventually finding “The Path”.

They went through the portal which teleported them to a weird clock platform.

They had followed the only pathway which led them to a weird room filled with creepy creatures. They would follow you with their eyes, but wouldn't move an inch. However, they would attack you whenever you made a loud noise. Unfortunately, Bryson had to sacrifice himself for Sarah and Michael to cause a distraction while they managed to slip away to the next place. He was ripped to shreds and was sent back to the Wake which is the real world.

Sarah and Michael were teleported to a big green forest where they met a person.

The person they had met told them to follow him. Michael had scanned through his coding and found out that he was the Legendary Gamer Gunner Skale who had disappeared without a trace. Gunner Skale supplied them with food, but out of nowhere he said that following “The Path” was a bad idea and he attacked them.

They barely managed to escape and had moved on through a portal to a volcano.

Michael got passed through the volcano and went to a desert with a wooden cabin in the middle of everything. He opened the door to it and went through a portal. He was forced to choose to either continue his mission, or return back. He had continued his mission because of his promise with Sarah.

He was teleported to a Castle where he met Kaine for the first time.

Michael and Sarah were struggling to get through, but were bonding and making a connection during that time. Unfortunately, the volcano erupted, and Sarah was burned by the lava. She was slowly dying, but before she died she made a promise with Michael that he would finish what they started, and would meet for the first time in the real world.
Kaine was talking to an audience full of tangents. Which are computer made programs. They weren't real people. Kaine was about to capture Michael when the VNS came and started attacking Kaine since they had finally found him. Kaine was playing with Michael and told him that he was never a real person. He was also a Tangent made my Kaine.

Kaine ended his journey and sent him back to the real world.

When he woke up he looked in a mirror and saw that his face and body were different. He was made from a Tangent to an actual human being by the person he hated the most, Kaine. Later on, Agent Weber came to tell him that even though he was a Tangent, everything he did was real, and so were Bryson and Sarah. Relieved hearing that, Michael sighed of relief.

That's how the book ends. It ends in a huge cliffhanger which leaves the reader hanging for the sequel that will be coming out. Now let’s move on to the Character Tree and Character Study.

Michael-Dynamic character
Brave and intelligent but easily tested-
Acts as a leader during the mission of stopping Kaine’s plan-
Michael is a gamer- And like most gamers- he almost spends
more time on the VirtNet than in the actual world- He was
asked by the VNS to catch the most dangerous hacker in the
VirtNet- Kaine- The government knows that to catch a
hacker- they need a hacker- But what was happening was
not what Michael thought was happening- The line between
game and reality had been blurred- He realized who he
was at the end- realized everything was fake even himself
- he realized he was a tangent and not a human-
a computer-made program
Slogan- We have to cut our way in-follow me
This shows how Michael acts as the leader in the team- and it shows how brave-intelligent Michael was
Reward $ 300 000 000

Character Study
Kaine-Round character
Kaine has the best coding skills in the Virtnet-he was known as cruel and ruthless-Kaine was a tangent - a mystery in the Virtnet - who trapped people inside of their sleep- a genius with insane coding skills-but has a dream that no one knows- he has a dream- that one day the tangents could live the same way as the humans lived-And Michael became his first successful tangent that changed to a human.
Slogan - Tangents deserve a life- too-it’s our time to lead- we are ready to become human
Although Kaine was the antagonist in the story- we can still see how he acts as the leader and how he pursued for something that he wanted
Reward $ 500 000 000

Sarah-round character
Brave-the spirit of not giving up Michael’s closest friend in the VirtNet- A human and a gamer who didn’t know that Michael was a tangent- She was intelligent and with great coding skills- She had promised Michael that one day- they will meet in real life under real sky and sunshine- Unfortunately- she fell into the magma and died during the mission of stopping Kaine’s plan- She had died - and left Michael on his own
Slogan - Sooner than later you finish IT- Find HALLOWED RAVINE
We can see her spirit and her patience- Although she was dying- she still hoped that Michael could finish the mission
- It was the patience to keep moving on and the spirit of not giving up- and it was what we learned from Sarah
Reward $ 150 000 000

Bryson-Round character
Brave and intelligent- but too negligent
Michaels’s closest friend in the virtnet-a human and a gamer who also didn’t know that Michael was a tangent- he was very smart and he always had a way to solve any problem that came in front of them- Unfortunately- he died during the mission and lost a chance to keep moving on with Michael and Sarah- Before he died- He realized something important about Kaine-and he gave the last hint he knew about Kaine to Michael- He was killed during the mission and he was lifted back to the wake- He had to restart everything all over again
Slogan - If we die- we are sent back to the wake- but that’s not an option.
From this quote- we learned how brave and passionate Bryson was- This quote represents Bryson’s personality- this kind of patience- passion and courage.
Reward $ 200 000 000

Agent Weber-Flat character
Agent Weber- works for the VNS- the one who gave Michael the mission of catching Kaine- she already knew that Michael was a tangent- but she used him to find Kaine because that was the only way.
Slogan - I just wanted you to see my face-to know that I
really exist- that you are not alone.

From this quote- we see that Agent Weber was trying to
tell Michael that he was not fake anymore since Michael had changed from a tangent to a real human- she wanted
him to know that she and he exist in the real world
Reward $ 8 000 000

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