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Session 1: 21st Century Learners, Tools, and Skills

This is a presentation created for Carolina Biological Supply aimed at giving directions of K-12 education in regards to technology and how to support science instruction.

Steve Johnson

on 5 August 2010

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Transcript of Session 1: 21st Century Learners, Tools, and Skills

21st Century Learners, Skills, Classrooms, and Tools What are we doing? Who am I? Steve Johnson edtechsteve@gmail.com
Website: edtechsteve.com
Twitter ID: edtechsteve
Blog: edtechsteve.blogspot.com Teacher Technology
Facilitator Daddy! Emily Kenna (not as thrilled as me) The Learners The Skills Tools Collaborators Social
Not passive recipients of content
Group problem solvers, assessors, reflectors Integrity Hounds Want integrity and transparency
"Because I said so" drives them crazy
Want to know exactly where they stand Scrutinizers Fact checkers
BS Detectors
Teacher mindset must shift Fun Seekers Generational shift in view of "work"
"Google Model"
Don't smile before Christmas... Speed Chasers Click...click...clickclickclickclick
Modeling frustration
Instant feedback Innovation Hunters Technology not magic, Internet just "is"
Turning over control to students...letting go
"What does it DO?" "How can it help me?" Freedom Finders Want choices, input, freedom
Difference between school and home
More mistakes! Customizers Phones, laptops, clothes, avatars
Self expression
Need to justify Who are these kids? Are they different?
-Amazing # of hours on media- 7 hrs, 31 min per day
-multi taskers
-always tired, can't "power down", overstimulated
-living in their own avatar
-want to be entertained, need constant stimulation, pressure to perform
-rely on technology
-crib notes on reading
-lectures not working for students
-Don't use your brain space for things you can look up - don't want to memorize
-problem solving
-trouble translating to different contexts

Author Collaborate Create Publish “We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist,
using technologies that haven’t been invented, in order to solve
problems we don’t even know are problems yet.” -Karl Fisch Collaborate on one
document Wikis begat
Google Docs
begat... "Web 2.0" Local to Global Combines with
1:1 movement Bloom's Original Taxonomy
1956 Bloom's Revised Taxonomy
2001 Digital Footprints Ultimate Assessment Incorporate / Engage
Authentic Audience Digital Portfolios Expand reach /
impact lives 21st Century
Students Brainstorming, Helping each other answer some burning questions Engage 21 Tech Camp
Wed, August 3rd: 11:00-12:00
Thur, August 4th: 2:15-3:15 How is their world different? What is the impact of this?
-focus on STEM - science/tech/math- problem solving
-inventive, creative
-best jobs in US becoming creative/problem solving/innovating

In this kind of world, what skills will students need to be successful?
-collaborate, working as a team
-effective communicators -not just through technology but face to face
-need to slow down and be able to communicate
-mutual respect- brainstorming ideas, valuing others' thoughts
-problem solving and critical thinking - linking it globally
-teach social responsibility
-solving problems together- mass collaboration - give confidence that they can work and help
-Financial skills - prioritizing, able to manage money and be accountable

Is technology necessary?

21st Century
Skills / Student Needs 21st Century
Teaching 21st Century
Tools 21st Century
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