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How software utilities improve performance

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Amjad El Fakih

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of How software utilities improve performance

Security software
This is used to prepare the disk to be used. If a hard drive is not formatted it can not be used by the OS. Therefore in order to be able to use your computer and allow it to perform you must format the Drive. Formatting can also improve computer speed and performance as you are 'wiping' your computer, the reason computers slow down and performance decreases is because of all the programs that are gradually downloaded and saved onto the hard disk take up 'space' and the hard disk has to manage all these different programs and files, formatting is basically restarting the computer and removing everything. By doing this it will allow your computer to work faster and increase performance.
Drive Formatting
Cookies are data that are sent by the Internet server to the web browser in order to identify the user and track data.
Cookies take up space and can gradually slow down your system performance, by deleting cookies you will increase the speed and improve the performance of your computer.
Also by deleting cookies you would have clear some disk space, when your hard drive is at a critical point and space is low the performance and speed of your computer will have a noticeable decrease of speed and performance and more system crashes will occur.
How software utilities improve performance
By Amjad El Fakih
Internet history is the data your browser saves about what sites you visited and when. Like cookies, internet history takes up disk space and browser data. Saving internet history can be useful for revisiting sites you've been on, but building up internet history as this will eventually slow down the overall internet speed and performance of the computer. Freeing up disk space and browser data will increase both the speed and performances of your browser and computer.
Internet history
Defragmentation is when your computer rearranges the way the files are set out on your computer to a more efficient layout so the computer can find them much more easily.
Instead of making your computer work harder to find one file, defragmentation allows your computer to be more efficient in finding files and be quicker in retrieving the files you need. By rearranging files the computer doesn't work as hard to retrieve files.
If a computer is invaded by viruses it will result in greatly reducing the speed of your computer. Viruses will also affect the performances of applications in your computer. By preventing this and using security software it will greatly improve the performance of your computer and will not compromise files on your computer. Viruses can also delete important files such as Fireworks or Photoshop.

Firewalls prevent the access of external sources into your computer, this protects your computer from hackers. If someone managed to access your computer and deleted or edited files that may affect your work this can affect efficiency as you will have to re-do all the work. By preventing unauthorized access you will improve the performance of your computer as there would only be authorized users on the computer.
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