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Year 10 Health — Relationships Task

Jassica ♔

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Relationships

What Makes a Good Relationship?
Features of Good Relationships & Features of Bad Relationships
There are many different relationships. A good relationship means different things to different people. The couple relationship may be the most important one in our society - The basis of family.

All good relationships are based on people respecting each other and being able to communicate.

A couple relationship is about two people who have equal rights, equal opportunities and equal responsibilities.
A Good & Intimate Relationship Needs
mutual emotional support
economic security
intimacy & sexual expression
Be careful with your words
This is one of the ways your partner will be able to hear your thoughts. You must be careful to filter because words can be very hurtful if taken the wrong way. Sometimes, it can leave a scar that will never leave their memory. Take their feelings into consideration.

Be honest
Lying is one of the reasons why most relationships fail. You should always be honest with your partner at all times. Getting out of problems through lies may seem like the perfect escape but the consequences are very severe, something many aren't aware of. Being honest will benefit you a lot. You'll gain your partners trust and they're be grateful to have someone who takes their feelings seriously.
Able to provide each other comfort
In a good relationship, you're able to address any concern you may have to each other and the other party will listen wholeheartedly. That is why most people love being in relationships because they have someone who they can speak to comfortably. One of the flaws of this can be misunderstandings, but if you truly take the effort to understand your partner, you guys can get through the problem together.

If you manage to surpass trust, commitment and of course communication issues then you're guaranteed a healthy long-term relationship.

Find a partner that is true to themselves
You should be with someone who isn't afraid to show their individuality. Though if they do show signs of insecurity, it must be because they believe their appearance may be the reason for your affections which shouldn't be the case.

Relationships shouldn't be made upon infatuation.

Don't set high standards for your partner
Always comparing them to your ideal type will lower their self esteem. Eventually, they'll be too busy trying to appease you that they lose track of their own identity. You should love your partner for who they are.
Stop demanding them to be someone they're not.

Shower your partner with love
Love means to love someone unconditionally. If your relationship relies on the appearance of your partner, it will not last very long. Their personality matters a lot. Like the statement, would you rather marry a wealthy man that didn't love you or live in poverty with a man that does. Does money really mean everything in life, even your own happiness?

No one is perfect
No one is meant to be perfect anyways. We're all humans with imperfections. That's why we're all special in our own way. Don't degrade people based on their flaws and focus on their good points. If their feelings for you is sincere, then your relationship will happily.
Signs of a Good Relationship
Is sensitive to your feelings
Respects your opinions and values
Trusts you
Is not overly jealous or possessive
Accepts you for who you are and does not try to change you
Treats you as an equal
Is willing to discuss each others problems and disagreements
Doesn’t try to control your life
Does not embarrass you or put you down in front of others
Is never physically rough or aggressive with you
Does not criticize how you look or dress
Listens to you and tries to understand your point of view

Your Partner...
Integrity is another vital aspect in a good relationship. You must hold morals for yourself even when you’re not around your partner.

Doing things behind each-others back is not right because it suggests that you don’t care when you should. Always be honest with each other.

Being sly will do you no good. Committing to adultery with other people isn’t good because that special bond you guys have for each other will break. If you love someone, commit yourself to them. Don’t put on another face.

Control yourself at all times. Mistakes can cause long-term consequences so don’t do anything that can hurt the other partner deeply because it can be very scarring for some people. Morals are important. Don't put on a show without knowing the consequences.

"There can be no friendship without confidence and no confidence without integrity."
- Samuel

What Makes a Bad Relationship?
A bad relationship is when the partner is being abused by their partner either physically, mentally or sexually.
Signs of a Bad Relationship
You keep your partner’s actions and words a secret:
Lying to your family and friends about what your boyfriend/husband say and do, then it is showing that you might not be in a healthy and loving relationship. It’s time to get out of that relationship if you keep lying to protect your husband/boyfriend.
Your partner wants you to change:
If your partner wants you to change, then it’s time to go! This is the most important rule in a relationship; your partner should love you for who you are. Your partner should love whether you are rich, poor, big or small!
Your partner doesn’t trust you:
Constant phone calls, jealousy and demands from your partner are not good signs of a healthy relationship! If your partner does not trust you then it is a ticket to get out of that relationship. If your partner turns up at work unexpectedly, then he/she does not trust you.
Your partner puts you down, in private and in front of others:
You are not in a good relationship if your partner humiliates you in private and in front of other people. You’re better off breaking up with him/her and start again.
Not having an equal power in a relationship is a bad thing! If you or your partner makes all the decisions in the house, it’s time to get out.
You and your partner does not have the same long or short-term goals:
If you cannot agree on financial issues, family matters, or goals in the future, then you might want to think twice about your relationship. Most happy couples do not have the same plans but they do have the same focus.
Your partner says he love you, but does not act like he loves you:
Believe in his actions more than his words. Saying that your partner loves you but does not show it is a sign of a bad relationship. Actions speak louder than words.
You feel bad, guilty, unhappy, depressed or sad about your relationship:
Feeling secure, loved and comfortable in your house is what’s meant to happen in relationships. If you feel uncomfortable or sad of your relationship, then you might be with the wrong person.

Your family and friends are not supportive of your relationship:
It’s not saying as if we should choose the person we want to be with based on our family and friends opinions but we do need to consider their opinions. If your family and friends have strong disagreements about your partner, then you might need to ask them for reasons why. Find out their feelings and see why they disagree with your relationship.
You’re wondering about the warning signs of a bad relationship:
Asking people around you and being negative about your relationship is a sign of you wanting to end your relationship! Why are you worried about you relationship? Would your sibling, best friend or children to be in the same relationship? To find the strength to leave a relationship, talk to people around you so that they can back you up on how to leave your abusive relationship.
There are two types of jealousy: reactive jealousy and suspicious jealousy.

Reactive jealousy occurs when a person is aware of an actual threat in their relationship. For example, when one partner realizes that their other partner has been unfaithful. This type of jealousy leads to bad relationships.

Suspicious jealousy occurs when your partner has no proof that they are cheating or being unfaithful in your relationship. For example, you and your partner are sitting at the bar and a stranger looks and smiles at your partner.
A victim of this jealousy is thinking that that small gesture is going to tear their relationship apart and they get angry at their partner for flirting or for even looking at the stranger. This is the common jealousy in relationships and is often seen in books, movies and on TV. This jealousy is followed by confrontation of both people which leads to an argument.
What Happens?
Believe in each other:
Once in a while, believing them can be beneficial in a relationship, if your partner does lie to you, then they are breaking a rule of a good relationship; trust. It’s very insulting to your partner if you so not believe in anything that they say. Constant questioning of where your partner could be can be as destructive as having an affair.
Stop comparing yourself to others:
Some but not all jealousy happens because of low self-esteem. None of us understand why this person loves us but there will be better looking people than you. Your partner has seen this quality than can pass looks, wealth and so forth so stop thinking of why they can like you.
Don’t play games:
People try to make themselves feel better by trying to get their partner jealous. Talking about how a person from work is more attractive funny and smart than your partner will not make either of you happy in the long run.
You can acknowledge that there are people better than your partner but do not use this in relationship issues. Keep your relationship and stop playing games.

Overcoming Jealousy
Make Believe
Stop trusting your imagination and thinking about things like:

Your partner is home later than they were going to be
You start imagining them drinking with an attractive person at their workplace.

When you stop getting emotional just because of your imagination, then your relationship will improve.

Love Is...
Hard work
Sex, when both partners are willing
Recognizing differences
Strong feelings
Love is not...
Forced sex
Being selfish
Getting pregnant
Making someone pregnant
Giving up yourself
Proving yourself
Expecting all your needs to be met

Wednesday, 15th December, 2010 by Unknown


"The best thing in life is finding someone who knows all of your flaws, mistakes, and weaknesses and still think you're completely amazing."
"In a relationship, when communication starts to fade, everything else follows.

Unknown by Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen


Friday, July 16, 2010 by Terri Orbuch
By Jassica, Shelley & Genesis

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