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Zeke Brooks

on 19 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Boer War (King and Queens South Africa medal, n d) 1899-1902 The lure of gold 1896 saw a British raid (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jameson_Raid) on the Dutch-Afrikaner(Boer) held states of 'Transvaal' and 'Orange Free State', and by October 1899 war was declared on the British Empire. At this time Australia was made up of six separate colonies, and the war was seen to be a chance to prove our loyalty as a nation to the Empire. Although there are no accurate figures, it is believed that some 20,000 Australian men and at least 80 women served/volunteered in the Boer war, with 606 losing their lives in the two and a half years of conflict. World War I
1914 - 1918 The Vietnam War
1962-1975 On the 18th of August every year Vietnam Veterans', commemorate the Battle of Long Tan and those Australians who served during the Vietnam War. It is a day to remember those who did not come home. (Australian Government, 2009) Special Remembrance Day - Long Tan Day Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal Vietnam Medal Australian Active Service Medal 1945-75 Australian Service Medal 1945-75 Australian Awarded Medals and Ribbons
Vietnam World War II
1939- 1945 • 1939-1945 Star
• Atlantic Star
• Air Crew Europe Star
• Africa Star
• Pacific Star
• Burma Star
• Italy Star
• France and Germany Star
• Defence Medal
• War Medal 1939-1945
• Australia Service Medal 1939-1945 Australia's Involvement On 3 September 1939 Prime Minister Robert Menzies announced the beginning of Australia's involvement in the Second World War.

As a consequence of a persistence by Germany in her invasion of Poland, Great Britain has declared war upon her and that, as a result, Australia is also at war.”

[From speech made by Prime Minister Robert Menzies, 3 September 1939: Screensound Australia, National Screen and Sound Collection, Screensound Title No: 387919] In 1942, along a narrow track over the rugged mountains of Papua New Guinea, 625 Australians were killed and over 1000 wounded...
The fighting there, against a Japanese invasion force, was perhaps the most significant battle fought by Australians in World War II.

Kokoda http://kokoda.commemoration.gov.au/ Campaign Battle WWII - Kokoda Campaign For service during World War II Australian personnel were awarded Imperial campaign medals. In Australia the Australia Service Medal 1939-45 was issued. While veterans celebrate ANZAC DAY the have marked the special day of remembrance
for those who died in Korea on the 24 October http://korean-war.commemoration.gov.au/prisoners-of-war/images/118147-madden-paybook-photo-275.jpg The only Australian awarded George Cross for his courage while a prisoner of war. Awarded for any period of service on the posted strength of a unit on operational service in Korea during the period 27 June 1950 to 26 July 1954. Awarded for one days service on the posted strength of a unit on operational service in Korea during the period 1 July 1950 to 27 July 1953. ( Sir John Monash, Carr, 2006) The battle of 'Elands River' took place between 4 -16th of August 1900 and saw 500 men, mostly Australian, hold off some 3000 Boers. After 13 days of battle 8 Australian lives were lost.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Elands_River_(1900) Campaign Battle - Battle of Elands River (Victoria Cross , n d) 5 Australians received the Victoria Cross
for their service during the Boer War The King and Queens South Africa medals were awarded to Australians for their service during the Boer War John Hutton Bisdee
28/09/1869- 14/01/1930 (John Bisdee, n d) Some of the more common medals and ribbons you will see on a Veteran who served in Vietnam.
There is an order to wearing medals which covers all medals, worn by soldiers who served. (Australian Government, 2010) Approximately 60,000 Australians were involved in The Vietnam War. (Department of Veterans' Affairs, 2013)
Australia's involvement was the longest in duration of any war in Australia's history (Australian War Memorial, 2010)
The reason for Australia's involvement was due to political reasons; one being the fear of communism. (Ross, 1995) Campaign Battle - The Battle of Long Tan The Battle of Long Tan is the most well known battle Australians were involved in during the Vietnam War. On 18 August, 1966, 105 Australian soldiers from 6RAR D Company were up against an estimated 1500-2500 Viet Cong. Eighteen Australians were killed and twenty-one wounded during the battle. (Australian Government, 2009) Francis Phillip 'Ted' Serong
11/11/1915- 01/10/2002 (Ted Serong, c1962, n.d.) Colonel 'Ted' Serong was most noted for his contribution to counter-insurgency, and jungle warfare tactics in the Vietnam war. (Farquharson, 2010-2013) References Photo source.... Cox, L. N. (1944, December). Milne Bay Casualty Clearance Station Activities. Sgt Cox QX39389 Personal WWII Photo Collection. Milne Bay, Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea. Vietnam War References (silk,1942) Historical Figure - Vietnam War Anon., n.d. [Online], viewed 15 May 2013,

Australian Government Department of Defence, 2013. Defence Honours and Awards, viewed 15 May 2013,
<http://www.defence.gov.au/medals/ >

Australian Government Department of Veterans' Affairs, 2013. Australia and The Vietnam War, viewed 15 May 2013,

Australian Government, 2009. The Battle of Long Tan and the Vietnam War, viewed 15 May 2013,<http://australia.gov.au/about-australia/australian-story/battle-of-long-tan>

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www.ANZAC Day.Org, n.d. The Battle of Long Tan, viewed 15 May 2013,
<http://www.anzacday.org.au/history/vietnam/longtan.html> Photo from Shrine of Remembrance Website (Anon., n.d.) Australian Awarded Medals and Ribbons Korea Korean War
1950 - 1953 The Australian General Service Medal (AGSM) for Korea was approved on 24 November 2009, published in CAG S20 dated 3 March 2010. The Australian General Service Medal for Korea may be awarded for service while participating in operations in South Korea in the period commencing on 28 July 1953 and ending at the end of 19 April 1956. Post War Medal Special Remembrance Day - The Korean War Historical Figure - Korean War William "SLIM" MADDEN
14/02/1924 - 12-1951 Australia's Involvement Australia was asked to assist due to there alignment with the United Nations Campaign Battle - Battle of CHOSIN RESERVOIR
Nov 27th to Dec 13th Battle lasted 17 days in freezing weather conditions
UN got the nickname "the chosin few"
They had to endure "hell fire valley"
20,000 UN Men under Douglas MacAuthur took on 200,000 Chinese men lead by Song Shi-Lun
Hugely out numbered by the Chinese and with a lot of casualties was still seen as a successfully campaign form the UN United Nations Service Medal Boer War References Wikipedia, 'The Jameson Raid', Available at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jameson_Raid( accessed 27th April 2013)

Wikipedia, 'Battle of Elands River', Available at:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Elands_River_ (accessed 27th April 2013)

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http://australia.gov.au/about-australia/australian-story/boer-war (accessed 27th April 2013)

Department of Defence, 'Defence Honours and Awards', Available at: http://www.defence.gov.au/medals/ (accessed 22nd April 2013)

Boer War Memorial Website, 'Trooper John Bisdee', available at: http://www.bwm.org.au/site/John_Bisdee.asp (accessed 10th May 2013)

Australian War Memorial Website, 'Australia and the Boer War', available at: http://www.awm.gov.au/atwar/boer/ (accessed 8th May 2013)

(2012) Wikipedia user anotherclown, 'Battle of Elands River Map' Image, Available at:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Battle_of_Elands_River_4-16_August_1900.png (viewed 1st May 2013)

(2013) Mather A, 'Lone Pine Cemetery', photograph, available at: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.191946237622472.1073741825.100004212902518&type=3&uploaded=1#!/photo.php?fbid=191946280955801&set=a.191946237622472.1073741825.100004212902518&type=3&theater (accessed 1st May 2013) Australia's Involvement (Victoria Cross Medal, n d) ANZAC Day – 25 April – is probably Australia's most important national occasion. It marks the landing in Gallipoli (1915) during the First World War.
"ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps" (Australian War Memorial, 2010) Australian Awarded Medals and Ribbons
Boer War Historical Figure - Boer War Sir John Bisdee was awarded the Queen's Medal with three clasps, the King's Medal with two clasps and on the 11th August 1902 was presented with the Victoria Cross for his bravery. He was promoted to lieutenant colonel after he served in Egypt in WW1 as part of the ANZAC mounted division. Special Remembrance Day - Boer War Day Although the Boer war is the only major war not to be celebrated on ANZAC day, there is a national 'Boer War' day held on the Sunday before 31st of May every year. Also, a site has now been dedicated to commemorate the infamous 'bushmen' who served in the war. The approved design(left) will have four sculpted troopers on horseback bursting through the trees on ANZAC Parade in Canberra.(http://www.bwm.org.au/site/Update.asp). (Artist's impression of Boer War site, n d) (2006), Wikipedia user: anotherclown, Battle of Elands River map. (http://www.defence.gov.au/medals/) ANZACS and Our History at War (2013), Mather A, Lone Pine Cemetery Australia's Involvement Australian Awarded Medals and Ribbons
World War II Photos courtesy of (Australian Government Department of Defence, 2013) Photo Courtesy of (www.ANZAC Day.Org, n.d.) Themes Covered Australia's Involvement
Special Remembrance Day
One of the Campaigns/Battles Fought
Australian Awarded Medals & Ribbons
Historical Figure Subtopics "Wars" Covered and by Whom The Boer War - Zeke Brooks
World War I - Nadine Livesy
World War II - Mary Papadopolous
The Korean War - Jodie Porter
The Vietnam War - Fiona Sanderson ANZACS
and our History at War Grave site of The Unknown Soldier
Lone Pine Cemetery, Gallopili http://militaryhistory.about.com/od/battleswars1900s/p/chosin.htm






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New South Wales Board of Studies, 2013. Kokoda Commemoration, “The Kokoda Track”, viewed 10 May 2013 http://kokoda.commemoration.gov.au Music and Clip Reference Bite Deeper, 2012. ANZAC Day 2012 (The Last Post). viewed 15 May 2013,
<https://www .youtube.com/watch?v=N82wNJFVeK8>

Bogle, E., 1971. The Band Played Waltzing Matilda. [Sound Recording]. Photo (Anon., n.d.) Historical Figures - World War II Sapper R.A.R. Stevenson and Lance-Corporal R.C. Mace, members of 213 Field Company, Royal Australian Engineers, exhausted after the initial attempt to get ashore at Lingkas to blow wire defences, rest in a landing craft vehicle.
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