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Pink Floyd-Dark Side of The Moon

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Nik Nemeczek

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of Pink Floyd-Dark Side of The Moon

Pink Floyd Band Members David Gilmour Vocals
Production Nick Mason Percussion
Tape Effects
Production Roger Waters Bass Guitar
Tape Effects
Production Richard Wright Keyboards
Production Pink Floyd has been a part of my family since before I was born. My dad has always played the guitar and has grown up loving the guitar and loving Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd has influenced me because "Money-Pink Floyd," was one of the first songs my dad taught me how to play on the guitar. "Money," is my favourite Floyd song. I love the music they play which is a classic rock genre. All of the Pink Floyd members are so talented because the music that they create is almost perfect. I am going to show you how they use literary devices in almost all their songs but first I want you to listen to my favorite Floyd song..... Dark Side of The Moon Is one of Pink Floyd's most famous albums! Side One
1. "Speak To Me"
2. "Breathe"
3. "On the Run"
4. "Time"
5. "The Great Gig in The Sky" Songs In "Dark Side of The Moon" Side Two
1. "Money"
2. "Us and Them"
3. "Any Colour You Like"
4. "Brain Damage"
5. "Eclipse" There are many literary devices used in
Pink Floyd's album, "Dark Side of The Moon."
I'm going to show how the artists use literary devices
in 5 of the album songs. Let's look at the song Money In the third line of the song money it says
"Money, it's a gas." This is a perfect example of
a metaphor. The artist compared money to gas,
which is two completely different things being compared,
not using "like" or "as."
"Money" by Pink Floyd also uses a rhyme scheme.
In the first stanza it states;
"Get a good job with more pay and you're okay."
"Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash."
This is how Pink Floyd uses a rhyming scheme. Another one of my favourite Pink Floyd songs
uses different literary devices and this song is
"Time." In the song "Time," there is a line that really stands out to me.
"To catch up with the sun but it's sinking."
This is an example of imagery, I can clearly see the sun sinking into the horizon. Sinking is a perfect word to describe the sun going down. "Us and Them," is one of the first
Pink Floyd songs I listened to. This song
has some literary devices in it as well. In the song "Us and Them," there is a very interesting
mood that the artist uses. The song is about a man who dies
and in the song the artists uses a sort of dark mood. The artist uses
words like "Sharp" and "Shock." These words aren't very pleasing for the
listener. "Brain Damage," is another excellent Floyd song
that uses a lot of alliteration and repetition in the song. There are several repeating lines in
the song like "The lunatic is on the grass,"
is repeated twice. Also, "The lunatic is in
my head," is repeated twice. There is one line
in the song that is an example of alliteration.
"The paper holds their folded faces to the floor."
Using words like folded, faces and floor, together is
alliteration. The last song that I am going to examine today is
"Eclipse," this song uses some literary devices that are
different and is another one of my favourites. The first eleven lines of "Eclipse," start with the
word "All." This is an example of a ballad. This song includes a repeated
"All that you touch"
"All that you see"
"All that you taste"
etc. "Eclipse" is also uses one literary device called an "ode."
In the song it praises a single person and talks about what
that have done in the world. Here is some lines,
"All you create"
"All you destroy"
"All you do"
"All you say."
From this presentation I hope you have learned
some literary devices that "The Floyd," uses and
why they are one of the best bands in the world!
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