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BPA Marketing Presentation 2.0

No description

Kelly Bonitz

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of BPA Marketing Presentation 2.0

Monday, October 21st, 2013
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Popular big box store plans to expand globally to the U.K.
A2Z Goes Global
Competition: Tesco and ASDA
Everything You'll Ever Need, From A2Z!
Can A2Z Compete?
Two main competitors in the area: Tesco & ASDA
Tesco: 2nd largest retailer in the world beneath Walmart
ASDA: convenience store owned by Walmart corporation (not as significant as Tesco)
Should mom-and-pop stores be scared?
Pricing Strategies
A2Z's Target

Affordable costs
Similar to U.S. price rates
Exchange rate at .73 Euros/USD
Profit margin
of 10%
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
A2Z coming to LONDON
Tesco, Watch Out!
Product, Price, Place, Promotion
Why London?
Similar marketing campaigns (adjustments based on popular trends)
Similar seasonal sales and promotions
Main focus: convenience
The London Times
Economic, Social, Legal, Technological
TRENDS In The U.K.; A2Z has it all!
Focus on middle-aged members.
41.1% of the population is middle aged (25-54 years old).
Those who want the "one-stop-shop"
Economic: Large and established economy, large corporation taxation, people reluctant to spend

Social: Convenience, "one-stop-shop," health and fitness

Legal: Immigration, women in the workplace, homosexual rights

Technological: Apple and Blackberry products, internet, wireless connectivity
Making Headlines:
The Global Expansion of A2Z

A2Z now looking to move into the global market
Company is seeking location in London, England
Largely popular U.S. company is expected to be highly successful in new international location
Marketing: A2Z Gets It Right!
Methods of Measuring Success
The Target Market
A2Z is a big box company located throughout the United States.
At A2Z our main goal is to satisfy our customers by providing a variety of products and fantastic service.
Looking Ahead
What's It Going To Cost?
A2Z Now Hiring!
Retail Store Positions
: Responsibilities include overseeing store operations, including assistant and department managers, customer service, marketing, accounting, and product control.

Assistant Managers
: 2 positions available. Assistant manager with duties and oversee department managers

Department Manager
: 6 positions available. Oversee department staff and operations. Departments include: Grocery, Clothing & Accessories, Electronics, Health & Beauty, Household Goods.
Professional Positions
Miscellaneous Positions
Retail Positions
Custodial Positions
Middle-lower class
63% of population middle-lower class
Sales Associates
: A2Z is seeking highly motivated individuals. Must have great communication and oral skills. Customer service experience is a must. Competitive wage and great benefits. Full and part time positions available.
Janitorial Staff
: A2Z is seeking highly motivated individuals with experience in janitorial work. Rotating shift hours during the day and evening. Competitive wage with great benefits. Full and part time positions available.
Sdflkjdsf Slkjdkfj
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Iutie Kople
: Wkdirj kdjfh. Okitkh skidhw kheiq wheitl thei. Kielkr jeirlg ekwot.asdflkajhsbdf asdljfhbasjhd asdkfjh asdhd dhd whwedha.
HR Director:
A2Z is seeking HR Director in charge of hiring and managing employees. Competitive salary with great benefits.

A2Z is seeking full time Accountant in charge of finances for A2Z. Will have staff as needed. Competitive salary with great benefits.
Profits, revenues, and expenditures
5% initial profit margin
Feedback & using it to improve
Marketing campaigns
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Now Hiring
Similar economy, culture, trends, and lifestyle to U.S.
Limited language barrier (some restrictions)
A2Z offers affordable goods to those effected by the recent recession
Helps balance competition with Tesco and ASDA
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