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Meet Me At Starbucks

No description

Mitchell Ostrower

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Meet Me At Starbucks

My Question
Will Starbucks' new campaign encouraging people to get together in person in lieu of texting make any real waves or will people simply dismiss the notion?

Does it really matter?
My Answer
Nope, it doesn't really matter
Let's be honest, a series of three ads can't change anything, but it can start conversation (and Starbucks will rack up brand awareness)
Meet Me At Starbucks
"Good Things Happen When We Get Together"
With approximately 20,000 stores in 65 countries, Starbucks afraid of losing touch with millennials
Scott Lerman, CEO of Lucid Brands: "Millennials have grown up with the brand being so dominant and a fixture on every street corner" and the new ad campaign could remind them that there is "a heart under the corporate gloss." (NOT just product driven)
Personally, these ads made my friends and I pause after the commercial and discuss what we thought of them

If humans do hang around Starbucks longer, they'll buy more stuff
Regardless of its texting/in-person success, this campaign is a massive success in terms of brand awareness
P&G "Thank You Mom"
Final Thoughts
What you say, AND how you say it (Ogilvy and Riney)
Not about the next pumpkin spice latte they want to sell, about perception
By Mitchell Ostrower
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